Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Bush's ability to run country into the ground in 8 years takes talent

Thank you Sybil Saxelby for your Aug. 5 Costal Voices piece, "Deficit can be traced to Pres. Bush."

Your statements reflect what we have seen and questioned all through the Bush years. To take a well-running country and bring it to the edge of ruin in eight short years takes special talent.

Norbert Beising


Find out how federal agencies exercise law-making powers

Most Americans do not understand how the federal agencies make laws

basically without the approval of the Congress.

Congress gives broad authority to federal agencies to put these

regulations into place. It is reasonable to have some regulations to

manage the jobs that these agencies are charged with as directed by

Congress. The problem is that these regulations continue to expand with

no end in sight.

More roads are closed, permits are needed, activities are prohibited

that were allowed just a few years ago, and the government continues to

grow. Americans need to learn about this process before we lose more of

our freedoms.

If you are interested in learning more about this process a good

starting point is the website Get involved with

this process and learn about how many federal agencies have this power

and what regulations they enforce.

To use an old phrase, "It will blow your mind!"

Doug Corrigan

Crescent City

Getting a laugh from letters claiming walkway gets used

For over 40 years I've never seen anyone use the Tsunami Landing. I'm

really getting a laugh from all the letters about how wonderful the

Tsunami Landing walkway is.

I have lived here since 1958 and have never seen people using the

walkway in the rain on a rainy day! I have to admit I did roller skate

there once in 1975 but you know, I didn't see anyone else then either!

Take a walk under there on a rainy day and show me a dry spot! The

wind blows sideways here and a 20-foot-high cover doesn't protect you

from the rain, it never did.

Most of the people of Del Norte County know this. If they want to get

out they drive around, look at the beaches, grab lunch and go home. If

you want to really enjoy a winter day, do like I do, put on your rain

gear and go for a three-hour walk at Point St. George. I do this

probably three to four times a week in the winter, and I think I have

seen maybe two other people out there, ever!

But you know what? That is why I live here. It's too bad after the

'64 tsunami that we didn't rebuild the town to look like the original

old seaside community. Instead we built a bunch of ugly flat-topped

boxes, including the walkway.

If I had the money I would find all the old photos of pre1964

Crescent City and reface all of downtown and make it look like it did

back then. It would have the appeal of cities like Mendocino, Bandon,

Ore., or Ferndale, Calif.

Look at the building where Chere's Boutique is. Someone did a great

job of making it pleasing to the eye. And for someone to threaten to sue

every time we try to improve our city is one of the things that is

wrong with our country.

Mike Cuthbertson


Community benefit district could be alternative to imperiled BID

Before my city flushes the Business Improvement District down the

toilet, I would hope that both City Council members Richard Enea and

Donna Westfall would think about creating what is known as a community

benefit district. Many cities within California have used the concept of

CBDs as a tool to fight blight, create funds for community policing and

as a way to fund special projects within a district.

How does a CBD work? Benefit districts are funded by fees from

property owners within a given district.

My question is why can't my city think outside the box? Is it because

they are small-minded? If the Council wants to do away with BID, come

up with something else.

Richard Miles

Crescent City