Del Norte Triplicate Readers

City Council made rash decision to demolish Tsunami Landing

The destruction of Tsunami landing, a landmark from the 1964 tsunami has started. Your City Council has elected to tear down Tsunami Landing, not repair it, but to tear it down and destroy a useful structure that is used by many for shelter and protection from the rain, lighting for security, and flood control and drainage for the area.

No one from the city ever took the time to talk to the businesses that are in the area, the people that frequent the mall, the seniors and the disabled that reside at the Surf Hotel, or any of the property owners that have property that is contiguous to the landing.

No one ever took the time to go to the Landing and talk to those that

use it daily. The structure would cost several million to replace, and

the city is spending over $250,000 to destroy it. The city has

willfully and intentionally neglected the maintenance on the landing for

years, and now it is taking the final step, and that is to destroy it.

Does it have studies that condemn itandsbquo; no; has the city completed a

drainage plan to insure that the area will not flood, no; did the city

conduct surveys of the businesses and owners in the area, or those that

use the landing, no; does the city have plans to light the area or

provide any improvements or landscaping to the area, no.

Your City Council will leave you with a vacant, exposed, cement,

unlighted blight area that will be exposed to flooding and it has no

plans or funding for the area for the foreseeable future.

Is this the type of representation you expect from your elected

leaders? Your Landing and the protection, lighting, and security that

it offered is gone forever.

Thomas Barnes

Crescent City

Make-work project in town a complete waste of tax money

I hope I'm not the only person disgusted in the orange-jacketed bunch

all over town doing make-work jobs.

Recently I saw at least 75 of them, out of which only 32 were doing

anything at all. Those working were doing such useful tasks as sweeping

the pavement, weed-eating areas that look better than my yard, digging

out the grass in sidewalk cracks and repainting curbs in the harbor that

were just painted this spring.

What a complete waste of taxpayer money or grant money in lieu of

public funding. Then our elected officials from top to bottom wonder why

the Tea Party is so successful and the taxpayers defeat tax measures.

I feel strongly that who ever came up with the present fiasco should

be recalled if elected, or fired if employed.

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City