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Tsunami Landing was a blessing, and so is my handicap placard

Tsunami Landing is a complete blessing in my life, as is my handicap placard.

Every winter I use Tsunami Landing to walk to the Coast Central Credit Union to escape the downpour of our local rains. We park our van in the back parking lot so I have easy access to the outdoor covering of Tsunami Landing. I have multiple sclerosis and I can't walk like normal people do anymore.

My balance is greatly affected so I have learned to walk twice as slow as I used to. Tsunami Landing has been a wonderful blessing for me during the winter months because it keeps me from getting soaking wet, allowing me to walk safely in the rain and still keep my slow pace.

I personally have encountered a number of people using Tsunami

Landing during the winter months as they, too, are trying to stay dry.

Not to mention the wet spring weather we have here also.

I also use a handicap placard. To many people I look like I am a

healthy woman, but I have a terrible disease. I have difficulty walking

from the parking lot into the store. By the time I reach the entrance,

I'm worn out and my right foot is making a slapping noise with every

step I take and I start limping. I don't even have the energy to do my


My neurologist helped make my life with this horrible disease much

easier to live with by blessing me with a handicap placard. I now have

the energy to do my grocery shopping like healthy people do. I can park

next to the entrance of the store instead of out in the parking lot.

Every once in awhile I do see people giving me mean looks when they

see me get out of my vehicle that is parked in a handicap zone. I can't

judge them though because before I got this disease, I, too, was one of

them. I've learned the hard way that judging people you don't know is

wrong. After all, someday it may be you that are judged unfairly.

I hope this helps others to think hard before jumping to conclusions

about circumstances you have no knowledge of.

I personally choose to greet people I meet with a smile no matter how

unfair they judge me.

Brenda Woods

Smith River