Nita Phillips, The Triplicate

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, August 1963.

Supervisors considered this week a request from the Klamath game warden for a determination of the mouth of the Klamath River.

Its precise location has never been established and fishermen, who are considered by the Fish and Game Department to be taking fish illegally in the ocean, believe themselves to be taking fish in the mouth of the river.

Eugene Whallon was instructed to determine the spot at which the river meets the high water mark of the Pacific Ocean.

Other Klamath news

On Aug. 17 in the Methodist Church there will be a bazaar, with

different kinds of fancywork - pillowcases, aprons, potholders, etc.,

plus handmade objects from India for sale.

These items are procured through the Whiting India Guild, whose aim

is to raise the standard of living in India by furnishing a market for

Indian items to be sold in this country. There will be various brass

articles, as well as cotton handmade cloths, spreads, scarves, stoles,

etc. Also, there will be "goodies" for sale - hot rolls, pies, cakes

candies, etc. The time is around 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The sirens were wailing

Sirens screaming, Deputy Sheriff Ira Smith sped to a business

establishment near Crescent City Wednesday evening of last week. A phone

call received by Deputy Tom Gooch operating the control center at the

Sheriff's Office had informed him that a woman was herding a man into

the establishment at gunpoint.

What did Deputy Smith find when he reached the scene? A man had been

herded into the establishment all right, by his 10-year-old

grand-daughter who was holding a cap gun!

Dress of the 10-year-old had made it appear to a woman who was

driving by that the youngster was an adult woman, the Sheriff's Office

said later.

New bears on bridges

A new set of golden bears will be included on the new Highway 101

freeway bridges to be built across the Klamath River next year,

Assemblyman Frank Belotti of Eureka announced.

The bear statues, placed on the present bridge in 1926, will be in

the plans for the new bridges as a result of a resolution introduced in

the 1963 Legislature by the assemblyman, he said. Contract for the

bridges will be let early next spring and will call for new statues,

rather than moving of the old ones.

Cost of the new bridges is estimated at $2.7 million, Belotti

reported, including the freeway from the bridges to Klamath.

Family helps save grove

A 2,000-year-old grove of redwoods in northern Mendocino County has

been saved from cutting by a special state appropriation and a $100,000

gift from a relative of the man for whom Del Norte's Stout Grove is


This announcement came last week from the Redwood Empire Association

and Sen. Frank Peterson of Ukiah.

A bill by Sen. Peterson appropriated $500,000 to help purchase the

grove, at Lane's Flat, and other redwood groves. Something over $100,000

of the appropriation will augment a $100,000 gift from Mrs. William W.

Stout of San Anselmo, member of a pioneer California family which

included the late Frank Stout. A grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State

Park is named for him.