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RHS tsunami work crew member: Program is restoring lost jobs

Regarding the letters from Jim Wisbauer ("Make-work project in town a complete waste of tax money," Aug. 12) and Floyd Burgess ("People in orange vests standing around could do more work," Aug. 18) thank you for your input.

I am a Rural Human Services tsunami crew member. Your letters have been read and discussed by the RHS team and "orange jackets." We know all eyes are on us. I hope you realize the RHS crew members are not afraid to work harder. We are new to this work.

Any input on jobs big or small to do in Crescent City, Del Norte County and our beloved fishing harbor are highly appreciated. These RHS crews want to work and are available to start and finish any job with a positive attitude.

Two months ago there was not a job within 100 miles of Crescent City

at the RHS Workforce Center. The RHS Department of Labor grant put over

300 people to work two months ago. These RHS workers are proud,

determined and dedicated to restoring lost jobs and repairing city,

county, harbor, parks and rivers in a six-month period of time.

These working-class heroes, women and men alike, work side by side.

They spend 40 long, hard hours a week in the elements chipping away at

the city, county, parks, rivers, beaches and harbor, blight, overgrown

homeless areas, areas painted in color yet faded, rotted and

deteriorated buildings, serious overgrowth that harbors unlimited tons

of trash and to repair damage from the March 11 tsunami that stopped 270

fishing-related jobs overnight, all of whom paid taxes and spent money


The RHS tsunami team members, many in orange safety vests, pay taxes

and spend their money locally to support their families.

As workers, our hats are off to the upper management who gave us jobs

to feed our families and the opportunity to rebuild our pristine area

where we live. We thank the local citizens, tourists and people who gave

us direction and positive reports on our improved accomplished efforts.

Please support the RHS tsunami team and all our citizens who play a

part in a positive manner. The team is working for Del Norte County's

livelihood and generations to come.

Ples Devroe Fowler

Crescent City

Thanks to the DA for prosecuting case of deplorable animal cruelty

I read "Jurors convict man of cruelty in animal case," Aug. 12, about

the conviction of Andrew Makemson. Only less offensive was defense

attorney Leroy Davies' attack on District Attorney Jon Alexander for

trying the case, stating it was an exercise of "bad judgment."

As a member of the Humane Society and a courtroom spectator during

the one-day trial, I must disagree.

I was at this property with a fellow member of the Humane Society

shortly after they took Tia away. I saw first-hand the starving and

neglected animals in the most disgusting conditions imaginable.

As local veterinarian Dr. Mark Franusich testified, the dog Tia, an

11-year-old Lab mix, had a malignant tumor on her face that had grown to

the size of a grapefruit, all but obscuring the poor animal's eyes and

breathing passages. When found by Animal Control, she was having trouble

breathing and slowly dying.

Dr. Franusich testified that Tia had been in extreme pain and that

the condition was evident for the past three months. Tia was euthanized

that same day.

I could not help but get tears in my eyes during Mr. Alexander's

moving closing argument when he said his job was worthless if it could

not send a message to protect our most defenseless living things,

children and animals, and to be Tia's voice in doing so.

Thirty minutes later, the jury did just that. If that was the stuff

of "bad judgment," please keep it up, Mr. Alexander. Those of us that

are watching appreciate the difference you are making in our county.

I would also like to thank Mr. Alexander for taking the time and

effort to try a case, which no one in his position has done for too long

a time.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi, "The greatness of a nation and its moral

progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Think about

that, Mr. Davies!

Sandy Balbini

Crescent City