Del Norte Triplicate Readers

A reader's thoughts on survey by the Tea Party at the DN fair

I must acknowledge I was of the 254 who answered questions at the Tea Party booth at the fair.

Triplicate Editor Richard Wiens essentially "got it right" when he writes, "The Tea Party, of course, represents the right-hand side of the political spectrum, so it's only reasonable to expect the survey results to lean heavily conservative."

However, Editor Wiens begins to raise my eyebrow when he writes many people may have chosen not to stop at the Tea Party booth. Certainly, there were many who did not stop by the fuchsia display, a quilt booth, or even the Democratic Party booth, all which was within eyesight of the Tea Party booth. People were just walking around enjoying the fair.

I was one of those who "lingered about" after I finished my survey. I am one of those who believe:

The stimulus was a waste of money. Government is too bloated and

grossly inefficient to function properly.

California's economy is in the toilet aggravated by the massive

intrusion of government and its almost 600 agencies and commissions,

many of which are duplicative. The unemployment rate of 12.9 percent

(14.5 percent in Del Norte County) is the second-worst in the Nation.

Indeed, higher gas prices and the related inflation at the retail

level means less discretionary spending.

I was one of the apparent 113 who is "not OK" with the school

district decision to place an abortion advice clinic and call it a Teen

Health Center next to the high school.

And I was one of the 50 who said the Harbor District is doing a

"good" job in the wake of the March tsunami. Harbormaster Richard Young

has laid out a timetable of the repairs and renovations in the harbor

and his schedule is right on.

Reaching deep into my psyche is really not all that necessary.

Simply stated, I am fed with the deaf ear and blind eye of our

national and California elected who marginalize, criticize, and mock

their constituencies for daring to bring to their attention the

out-of-control spending binge which brings this country to near

financial collapse. And I am fed up with these politicians who call for

more taxes on the so-called rich when the top 10 percent of all

wage-earners pay almost 72 percent of all income taxes and the bottom 50

percent pay almost nothing.

Allow me to remind the reader the TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough


Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Disheartened and offended by paper's coverage of whale death

This is in response to the coverage by The Daily Triplicate of the

death of the whale, "Mama," in the Klamath River ("The show is over:

Mother whale dies while still on Klamath R.," Aug. 17).

I first heard about the death of this majestic creature from a dear

friend of mine, first thing in the morning. Later that day I read a

beautiful tribute online, "Death of Beloved Whale in Klamath River."

Everyone I spoke with and everything I read on-line recognized the gift

that this incredible and amazing whale gave us with her 53 days in our


I was extremely disheartened and offended to read the cover story in

The Triplicate the following day with the headline, "The show is over,"

accompanied by a photograph of the body of Mama being removed from the

river by a piece of large equipment!

What about the incredible journey this whale chose to take in our

river did the publishing staff of The Triplicate not get? This was not

an animal captured in the wild and trained to be part of some "show."

This was a mother protecting her child from predators the only way she

could, and she did a fantastic job. In the process, Mama (and her baby)

thrilled countless numbers of people and gave each and every one of us

who witnessed this spectacle of nature memories that will last a

lifetime, and became an indelible part of Klamath lore forever.

The photo and headline the that The Triplicate chose to use showed a

huge lack of understanding and total disrespect to an extremely valiant

creature. I can only liken it to seeing Big Tree in a chipper!

The time Mama spent in the Klamath River was a very special gift

given to all of us. She taught us all a lesson in courage and dignity

and should be remembered for what she really was - a truly "beloved


Sharon Frymer


Taking down the covering at the Tsunami Landing was good move

Just drove past and the Tsunami Landing cover is partially down.

The area looks so much better opened up. Finally now our city is

going the right direction. Keep up the great work.

We're moving forward in a positive way.

Sylvia Bos

Crescent City