Del Norte Triplicate Readers

I'm disgusted with how Silvey's alleged actions impact Senior Ctr.

I'm sure I'm not alone in expressing my dismay and disgust at how Eileen Silvey's alleged actions have damaged our Senior Center, as well as the much-needed Energy Assistance Program ("Scandal at the Senior Center: Former manager jailed; suspected of embezzlement," Aug. 20).

My feeling is this: If the accusations are true, Ms. Silvey should sell her house, her car, her daughter's car, the tennis bracelet, etc., etc., to pay back that money to the government.

To quote Forrest Gump, "That's all I've got to say about that."

Heidi Bauman

Crescent City

Plenty of possibilities for the former site of Tsunami Landing

I, too, think it looks great having the Tsunami Landing uncovered.

Now here's a thought for the people who plan our events. Instead of

having the farmers market in the middle of a wind-blown parking lot, put

up your booths along one side of the landing!

I have seen this done in many cities, Vancouver, B.C., Medford, Coo

Bay, Bend, Ashland, etc. It looks so much nicer and makes it easier to

walk and shop from one booth to the next. It will make a small event

seem larger. Parking is no problem. And you can get to any spot with

your vehicle to unload your wares.

Hopefully the city would be fair in whatever it wanted for fees, or

else downtown will remain a ghost town. Plus the wind will be broken up

by the buildings.

Done right you could have art shows, even a car show placed along the

walk. I hope someone grabs the idea!

Mike Cuthbertson


$6M for harbor unnecessary; people just want handouts

This is not right. It does not take $6 million to rebuild the harbor

in Crescent City. These people just want a free handout and they will

pocket the rest of the money, more than likely.

Now that you've all bellyached about this situation, are you happy?

This town already received $10,000 from Reader's Digest because you want

people to feel sorry for this corrupt town.

Tony Jacomeller

Crescent City

President has added more debt than all others for past 200 years

In response to Sybil Saxelby's Coastal Voices piece of Aug. 5

("Deficit can be traced to Pres. Bush"), while she mentions many

economists spell out the disasters that may come if the debt ceiling was

not raised, she fails to mention that the White House had the "big

banks" write letters stating the disasters that may happen.

As for the oil subsidies, why not include subsidies for solar, wind,

natural gas, coal and flex-fuels companies as well? The price of gas

will go up if the subsidies are removed. This president has reduced our

production of petroleum and we have seen oil platforms leave the gulf

region, cutting out thousands of jobs. Do you still want oil subsidies

removed? Why not allow more drilling and get more revenue from leasing

tracts and also, from the production of petroleum?

Read the Center for Individual Freedom, July 29, 2010, and you will

see that the rich pay more than 40 percent of the taxes already. Under

Bush all tax brackets received a reduction with the lowest bracket

getting the largest percentage. After the 2003 tax cuts the economy

surged for more than four years. The large deficits of 2007 and 2008

were under Democratic Congresses where the actual legislation is

created. Yes, Bush signed the legislation, but put the blame on both


The "budget surplus" President Clinton passed on to President Bush

was not actual money but a projection from the Congressional Budget

Office that would happen if many criteria were met. Clinton also passed

on to Bush a minor recession, then 9/11 happened. Yes, Bush had two

wars, but he received approval from Congress for them; again, blame both


While you say Social Security does not contribute to the deficit,

where does that money come from? While many congresses have stolen the

Social Security money and replaced it with IOUs, we will have to take

money from the budget to cover the cost of Social Security starting

around 2016.

Obama-care will start more than 100 new agencies to run this

behemoth. Why are so many companies requesting a pass on beginning

Obama-care? Why do we pay 10 years to get only 6 years of full coverage?

Why are many doctors stating they will retire or go into some other


This president has added more debt than all presidents for the past

two hundred years. His policies are destroying our infrastructure.

There is enough blame to give both parties a big dose of it.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City