Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Frustrating experiences as union forced me to fund political causes

Regard the Aug. 24 California Focus column by Thomas Elias, "'Paycheck protection' - again," I lived through over 20 years of paying into United Teachers, Los Angeles. It was forced on me, I didn't want its representation.

Today the full-time UTLA member and agency fee is at least $689.04 a year. The full-time fair share is at least $494.28 for those who want to not give to any political causes or groups through the union.

In order to vote in the union, you have to be a member but you have to let them collect and spend on politics in order to join the union. They took my money but would not allow me to vote on the union contract.

Elias said, "Unions already must get permission from members when

they first sign up in order to use such money politically. This measure

would force them to seek authorization from members each year."

I never found this to be true. I was not asked my permission to use

money politically. Instead, I had to find, sign and send in a paper each

year to not have my money used for political purposes. Taking my money

for political purposes was automatic. I had to opt out every year, in


Please get your facts straight.

Bob Buckles

Crescent City

Thanks to all who helped out with Klamath Fire funding vote

I am sorry to say that the Benefit Assessment for the Klamath Fire

Protection District failed to pass at the Public Hearing held on Aug.

22. This is hard economical times for all, but I don't know how our Fire

Department can run efficiently without some increase. Whether you voted

yes or no, thank you for your support and understanding of the needs of

the KFPD.

I would like to give a huge thank-you to a number of people that

donated their time and expertise. None of these people had any

investment in the out come of the tabulation of the ballots, but were

kind enough to volunteer. Thank you to Steve Nesvold and Kim Preston the

engineers, Mr. Henry the attorney, Louise Wilson the assessor, Roselyn

from Crescent Fire, and David Finigan. Also, thank-you to Paula our

postmaster and Anthony Trombetti for showing up just in case they were

needed. Thank you to The Daily Triplicate for giving all of us the

platform to communicate to each other.

Also, thank you so very much to all the men and women that give so

freely of their time to be a first responders/firefighters.

The next attempt to increase the benefit is not yet on the agenda.

The KFPD is a volunteer organization and is in need of volunteers in

clerical positions as well as first responders/firefighters.

In the meantime to raise funds for the KFPD there will be a Safety

Awareness Day and Ribeye Steak BBQ fundraiser on Sunday for only $12.50

pre-sale (call 482-0385) or $15 at the door. There will be free

hands-on lessons putting out fires with a fire extinguisher for the

adults and a number of free hands-on activities for the kids. At 6 p.m.

KFPD will perform a vehicle extraction rescue using the Jaws of Life.

The event will be held at the Yurok Tribal Office in Klamath from 2

to 6 p.m., with a raffle and a silent auction that will end at 5 p.m.

There have been some generous donations from local business and


Also note: The blackberry pancake breakfast at the Blackberry

Festival and Harvest Celebration on Sept.10, at Camper Corral sponsored

by the Klamath Chamber of Commerce, and the KFPD's 1st Annual Golden

Bear Fun Run 5k and 15k on Sept. 17 (go to for

more info.

Lt. Linda Witvoet

Klamath Fire Protection District

Disgusted by report on Silvey - give her a chance to clear name

I am disgusted with The Triplicate's report on Eileen Silvey and her

alleged actions ("Scandal at the Senior Center").

If The Triplicate had waited until these so called actions were

further reviewed, Ms. Silvey would not have people jumping to


Anyone who knows Eileen knows she is not that kind of person. She has

given her heart and soul to the people of the Senior Center for almost

30 years. She has been a model citizen in our small town even longer.

She deserves a little respect and compassion until this case is


Ellen Lemrise

Crescent City