Del Norte Triplicate Readers

People - including DA - should wait to pass judgment on Silvey

I was absolutely amazed at the information released in the article published by The Daily Triplicate in regards to Eileen Silvey ("Scandal at the Senior Center: Former manager jailed; suspected of embezzlement," Aug. 20).

She was tried, convicted and hanged all in one article. Reporting the news is one thing but trying a case in the media is another. I question the district attorney's motives and his objectivity. One letter-writer even feels Eileen's daughter should suffer, as if she isn't already. My goodness, why would anyone feel our children should be held accountable for our own deeds?

What kind of judgement was used by Mr. Alexander when he released this information to the public? He has not even filed a complaint against Eileen, yet he implies that she is guilty.

Tell me Mr. Alexander, is this the objectivity that we can expect

from you and your office? Innocent until proven guilty? I guess not! Is

the DA's Office looking to try this case out of town?

As for the statements of Martha McClure; aren't you one of the board

members who sat and regularly approved the expenditures that you are now

complaining about? If there was such a problem with the Senior

Center's budget then why didn't the board members, including Mrs.

McClure and Sarah Sampels, come forward long ago?

I have worked with, and have been personal friends with Eileen Silvey

for over 10 years. She gave her heart and soul to the Senior Center for

almost 30 years. I believe that people who have observed Eileen working

would attest to her work ethic, her attention to detail, and her

willingness to help others. I'd like to invite those people now to take a

stand and support Eileen through these trying times.

Any of you who know me, can believe me when I say that Eileen should

and will be exonerated. It seems to me that the investigators are not

interested in the truth. Cyndie Brande, Eileen's supervisor, was fired.

Wouldn't she be the one ultimately responsible for questionable policies

and budgetary issues?

One other item I would like to question. Was a $100,000 bail really

necessary? Her family lives here, her friends are here, and she has

lived here most of her life.

I would like people to wait to pass judgment. An accused is after all

innocent until proven guilty and my friend, Eileen Silvey, is innocent!

Marian Allman

Crescent City