Nita Phillips, The Triplicate

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, September 1941.

Attaining greater popularity daily, Staley's Skeleton Park near Fort Dick is becoming Del Norte's greatest tourist attraction.

The area displays a graphic drama of the doom of the forests, the devastation caused by the coming of man, and the unquenchable thirst of the giant redwoods for life eternal.

There redwoods stand as grim specters, charred but living sentinels of the ages. Logs lie supine that once were giants. Maimed, twisted in death throes, gallantly fighting the battle for life, these old monarchs seemingly refuse to bow their heads in defeat.

Notable among the exhibits are the Picture Frame Stump, a remarkable

skeletal specimen, the Giant Skeleton, the Photo Stump and many others,

each with a remarkable story to tell, each a lasting tribute to the

unconquerable heart of the mighty redwood.

Big Tree Park

One of the major tourist attractions of Del Norte County, Big Tree

Park, is being taken over by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bennett, popular young

couple of this city.

Principal tourist attraction at Big Tree Park is the General Custer

tree, claimed to contain more board feet of merchantable lumber than any

other tree in the world. Aside from this, however, the park has

splendid facilities for tourists, including many modern cabins

attractively arranged in a beautiful setting.

The Bennetts will take the park over next Monday. Mr. Bennett will

continue his connection with the Standard Oil Company here. The young

folks have the best wishes of numerous friends in the community with

their new venture.

Produce for Army camp

With prospects of a Medford cantonment so close that the Army is

making plans to organize new units of 30,000 troops total, the Grants

Pass organizers quickened steps for coping with the situation, says the


A meeting of all produce farmers in that district was held this week

to institute a farm marketing institute for pooling farm products.

Several times advice has been given that the government will not deal

with small producers, but that growers will be able to compete for

government contracts for the cantonment.

A movement is also under way in Grants Pass to organize mechanics

into a union for similar reasons, an expectation that only workmen

employed for cantonment construction will be union men. Painters and

carpenters have already organized.

Here from Hollywood

Mike Capra, prominent resident of Hollywood, was among those

successfully fishing here in southern Del Norte County this week, having

his catch canned at Paul's Cannery to take back to treat his friends.

A cucumber recipe

Have lot of cucumbers this year? Here's an old-fashioned pickle

recipe for you.

Bread and butter pickles (makes 10 pints)

25 medium sized cucumbers

10 onions (medium and white)

andfrac12; cup salt

1 pint vinegar

2 cups sugar

2 tbsp mustard seed

2 tbsp ginger

2 tbsp tumeric

Let unpeeled cucumbers stand in water overnight. Then slice cucumbers

and onions and place in a pan with salt (no water). Let stand one hour,

then rinse off salt, add vinegar, mustard seed, ginger and tumeric.

Boil all ingredients until peel turns yellow (about 40 minutes). Pack

pickles in sterilized jars. Seal and allow them to stand for 10 days

before using.