Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Instead of complaining about the community, volunteer your help

There has been a lot of grumbling and frustration over some of the changes happening around town.

It's very easy to criticize and second-guess decisions made by others, much harder to show up and give constructive input.

I challenge everyone to take some time, consider what things in our community are really important to you and then get involved ... maybe it's Del Norte Reads or cleaning up the cemetery ... maybe it's CASA, or the Christmas Parade or the Front Street redesign project.

Don't complain later, get involved now. And, whatever your opinion on the process, Tsunami Landing has never looked better.

Cheryl Corpstein

Crescent City

If politicians don't think they're paid enough, they shouldn't run

Recently, in the Florida Capital News, U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland,

R-Fla., stated that his $174,000 salary as a representative "is not so

much," and in a speech in March, Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisc., stated that

it was "a struggle"?to pay his bills.

I am fed up with these people! They volunteered for the job, no one

forced them to run, if they didn't think they could live on the salary

provided, they shouldn't have run. If they are having problems paying

their bills, well, welcome to the real world. Everyone is having

problems these days, with the exception of the millionaires/billionaires

that don't pay their fair share of the ride.

When Congress talks about cutting Social Security they are talking

about other people's income. How would they like it if, instead of a

raise, we cut their pay? Congress cuts funds for the education system,

let them cut the funds for their own children's education. When Congress

talks about cutting Medicare, then let Congress pay for their own

health care. Congress talks about "cutting down the size of federal

government," but I am sure that, in the wake of the recent natural

disasters, they will not be turning down federal monies to rebuild their

own homes and states.

I have been unemployed since September 2008, and would love a job

that pays one-tenth of what they make. If the number of (reported)

unemployed people seems to have gone, that's because of the number of

people that have been unemployed so long that they no longer have access

to unemployment benefits and have dropped out of the system.

Attention Congress: If I have no income, I pay no taxes. If I pay no

taxes, there is no income to pay for a raise in your salary.

Roberta King

Crescent City

We need to do more to help the pets of area homeless people

We need to help the pets of homeless people. These animals mean a lot

them. They have had their pets before they lost their homes. Their pets

mean the world to them.

We need to provide a place where these people can bring their pets

for their needs. These people will line up around a building to get help

for their pets. Many have only their pets.

The only social support a lot of these people have is really

dependent on that animal.

Suzanne Littlefair

Crescent City

Blaming only Asian and Mexican groups for pot growing is unfair

This is in response to the Aug. 31 article "Just How Safe Is It Out

There?" While I appreciate the attention to and concern for those folks,

hunters included, who are put in dangerous circumstances because of

large pot-growers, I am also sick of comments from officials in the

state, such as Bill Steven, that fail to recognize that there are many

non-Mexican and non-Asian folks who are also responsible for large


This isn't the first time I've read an article about this topic that

presents the public with the view that minority people are the ones held

solely accountable for this. Let's start giving the public informed

opinions about who is responsible. If a public official is going to

blame an epidemic issue such as this on Mexican and Asian grow groups,

and not once mention that there are also white folks involved with

these, on many levels, highly hazardous operations, I want some proof.

Chrystal Helton

Crescent City