Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Northcrest Drive traffic delays seem to be due to poor planning

In response to the Aug. 31 front-page article entitled, "Congestion on Northcrest Drive will continue," today I must state my opinion.

The article stated the roadwork will continue through November and the expected wait time is up to 15 minutes in either direction.

I live near the roadwork and have a need to go into town at least twice a week, sometimes more often.

Each and every time I've had to pass through the roadwork, I can't believe the idiocy of the so-called planning.

The number of residences and businesses that they are blocking access to is too numerous to count.

Only 50-100 feet of road should be worked on at a time from start to completion. Then move on to the next 50-100 feet.

One lane should always be open to traffic! On a recent morning they had both lanes backed up with traffic.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Lead ammo may pose health risk, but impact is exaggerated

This is in response to Chris West's Sept. 1 Coastal Voices piece

("Lead, ammo and facts") about lead ammunition.

First, I absolutely applaud the Yurok Tribe and associated parties

for their efforts to educate the public and hunters about lead

ammunition alternatives. This is an important issue, especially for the


There's little question that lead bullet fragments and shot pellets

can be ingested by scavenger birds, and that this lead may cause serious

health problems. The extent of the risk is relatively small, but I

believe most well-educated hunters will take the extra effort to

alleviate the risks when it's realistic (non-lead options must be

available and affordable).

However, I do think that West and many others are not presenting the

whole picture in regards to the risks posed by lead ammunition to human

health. The facts, based on research by the Centers for Disease Control

and other medical organizations, are that there is an extremely small

risk of lead toxicity from ingesting metallic lead (bullet fragments and


It would be irresponsible to say there is absolutely no risk, but I

do think people deserve to know that there is no evidence linking lead

bullets or shot to lead poisoning effects in humans. We are not

poisoning ourselves, our families, or our friends by continuing to use

lead ammunition.

Phillip Loughlin

Union City, Calif.

Instead of a fourth recall attempt, why not wait for 2012 election?

In November 2008, I was elected as a council member representing the

City of Crescent City. Yet, I have been served, for the fourth time, a

notice of intent to recall.

I consider this excessive, an abuse of the system in both technical

and financial terms as recall is, by definition, to remove an elected

official when he or she has done something of an illegal or immoral

nature. This recall attempt will cost the city thousands upon thousands

of dollars in a special election.

Further, while those who seek this petition do not agree with some of

my decisions pertaining to the city, they will not find I have done

anything that is illegal or immoral. The decisions made by me in my

duties as a member of the council have been made, in my opinion, in the

best interest of the city.

A smattering of people is willing to waste resources in order to push

its own agenda: unwilling to work to make our community a thriving and

healthy place to live.

Why not wait until 2012 to decide who you want to represent your


Kathryn Murray

Crescent City