Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Story about Wilson's Tea Party ties amounted to free political ad

I trust Dean Wilson paid the going rate per inch for his front page political ad in Saturday's Triplicate ("Tea Party sheriff: Dean Wilson is filling two high-profile roles in county").

Sue Anderson

Crescent City

Thanks to law enforcement for shutting down alleged flophouse

On behalf of my neighbors and myself, I would like to express our

appreciation to all the law enforcement agencies involved in shutting

down the alleged "meth flophouse" on our street ("Raid shuts 'flophouse'

for drugs; Authorities: There are plenty more," Sept. 3).

Even though the property with all its garbage and debris is still

there, the criminal element we have had to tolerate over the past nine

months is gone and we are all resting a lot easier.

Can't thank you enough for the work you do.

Bea Boles

Crescent City

Dems taking issue with Tea Party expressing ideas is hypocritical

Kudos to The Triplicate, and to Megan Hansen specifically, for "Tea

Party Sheriff" in the Sept. 3 paper. It is always nice when someone

volunteers a valuable service to the community and is acknowledged.

I thought it was a very good story in spite of the negative comments

from the local Democratic Party leadership, which were included, of

course, to keep the story "fair and balanced."

It was interesting to note that the local Democratic leadership's

purpose is to inform (Democrat?) voters so they can make (correct?)

decisions. While Mr. Wilson's purpose in informing any and all, voter or

not, of any party or none, about the history of our country and the

Constitution of the United States, is to shove ideas down people's

throats. And for him to do so is offensive and unacceptable. Wow! What a


I guess, in their opinion, it is a good thing that most of our

schoolteachers are good Democrats and are therefore teaching our kids

how to make good decisions and not wasting time with history or our

Constitution or logic or how to think for themselves.

Clif Shepard

Crescent City

BID opponents will focus their energy on upcoming elections

To set the record straight regarding the Sept. 3 article, "Recalls

afoot again in the City," Business Improvement District opponents did

not initiate the recall of the City Council members. No, we didn't agree

with the Council members on the decision to keep the BID, but as they

say, "elections are coming up," and that is where we will concentrate

our energies and monies.

We are staunch believers of the proper process to get things changed.

We have tried to keep this as a non-personal agenda, but BID backers

have had to resort to this type of mud-slinging because it's all they

have to manipulate the public opinion. The majority of the people have

spoken and have been ignored by several of the City Council members.

So yes, elections are coming, both for the city and the county. It's

time to find people who can tell the truth, don't have hidden agendas

and will listen to the people.

Stay tuned, this could be exciting.

Cynthia Speakman

Jackie Simonsen

Crescent City

Letter against walkway's demise is everything wrong with county

In regards to Tony Barnes' Sept. 6 letter, "Required CEQA procedure

not followed in walkway's demolition," everything he said is everything

that is wrong with our state and country! People wonder why we have no

job growth. I'm surprised you don't get sued and have to get an

environmental impact report every time you mow you lawn.

Mr. Barnes, instead of wasting our much-needed money by suing our

city over something that is spilled milk, why don't you come up with

some of your own creative ways to make our town better? Quit wasting

your energy on negative things. Help us be a better place, quit fighting

us and join us.

By all the TAB signs I see around town, if this were monopoly, you

would be winning. Maybe by leading and beautifying your buildings, that

would start the ball rolling and get everyone else on board to do the


Mike Cuthbertson