Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Stealing no sin for us as Obama spends $1 billion for Libyan oil

President Obama was powerful enough to attack Libya illegally, but powerless for our problems.

It seems like those rebels were paid by Al Qaeda; if so, are we helping the bad guys?

Probably Obama thinks that we can easily afford $1 billion to fight Moammar Gadhafi.

According to Libyan radio I listen to every day, they have a civilian war going on. With bombs dropping constantly, most doctors left the hospitals and they have no medication to treat wounded people, mostly civilians and kids.

The same media believe that we might steal their oil in the future. I expect the same, since we have been taking resources from many nations around the globe.

Stealing is not a sin for us.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City

Common sense to protect Washington with armed jets

Of all the stupid mistakes the government made before 9/11, one that

is most talked about and the most obvious is this:

Washington, D.C., and the Pentagon are obvious targets under any

circumstances. Why weren't armed jets stationed at the local airport? If

the military can't protect the Pentagon, how can it protect anything?

The jets they finally scrambled weren't even armed and were too far


The explanation of, "We didn't know where or when," doesn't fly. What

happened to "Be prepared?" "Contingencies?" The Boy Scouts could have

done a better job.

Do we know if armed jets are stationed at the Washington, D.C.,

airport? Disgusting.

If you were president and told that America is under attack, wouldn't

your first response be to protect Washington, D.C.? This isn't

hindsight, just common sense.

Carolynn Starr

Crescent City

Tea Party not a political entity; informs us about Constitution

I want to thank The Triplicate for the Sept. 3 look at our sheriff,

Dean Wilson, showing him to be more than just one-sided ("Tea Party


As he told Megan Hansen, he is very careful to separate his official

duties from his concern for America. I find it odd that the local

Democrat Party chairwoman finds Mr. Wilson's involvement as "offensive."

His love for America and our Constitution shows me a concerned

citizen. She, and anyone else, is more than welcome to come on the

second or fourth Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the fairgrounds arts and

crafts building. People who are concerned that America has strayed from

our Constitution will find the evening to be very informative.

Since the Tea Party is not a political entity I am amazed at the

hatred that liberals have foisted on it. Seems our Constitution gives us

freedom of speech and we need to exercise that right.

For Mr. Wilson to hold an important position in this community should

not abrogate his right as an American citizen to take part in this

unofficial activity because at the Tea Party function he is just Dean

Wilson. Again, I want to that The Triplicate for this informative


Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City