I have to respond to Marlowe Thompson's letter ("President has added more debt than all others for pass 200 years," Aug. 25), due simply that there is so much wrong information out there and several of his statements were misleading.

What man or woman would be able to handle the absolute mess that former President George W. Bush created: two wars, the attack on the World Trade Center, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D that was left unfunded, tax breaks for the rich, repeal of the rules to regulate banks and the environment, bank bailouts, torture (i.e. water-boarding), the lack of response to the hurricane in New Orleans and on an on.

Also keep in mind that our participation in foreign wars was not accounted for in the federal budget under Bush. These wars are costing billions of dollars and are unsustainable.

I'm curious where Mr. Thompson gets his facts. He says to read The

Center for Individual Freedom. I would urge people to read a non-fiction

history book by Howard Zinn: "A People's History of the United States"

rather than conservative think-tank propaganda.

Remember that former President Clinton had a Republican Congress.

They worked together to put the Welfare to Work in place as well as a

free trade pact with Mexico, with no environmental nor wage protections I

might add. And what did the Republicans do, they went after him and

Hillary for trying to pass health care by impeaching him for a sex act

and spent millions of taxpayer dollars for something that did not affect

you or me.

As for the wealthy paying 40 percent of the taxes, the top 400 or

about 10 percent own 90 percent of the wealth. Shouldn't they be asked

to pay more rather than cutting out services for the poor, teacher's

salaries, union members who have paid into their pensions as well as our

entire social infrastructure?

If you think the conservatives or the Democrats can bring back jobs,

then why did they pass so many free trade agreements? The companies who

have goods made offshore and then ship them back to America do not pay

health benefits nor a fair share of the tax burden. They are not going

to bring these jobs back. We are going to have to start paying more for

food and anything produced in America if we want to have sustainable

jobs. I would rather have a tool made in America than one from China.

We gave away all our production and technology because someone could

make a buck. I do agree with Donald Trump in that these corporations do

not care about America nor its citizens. We have to begin to take care

of ourselves and think of things we can build and make once again to

become that great country our ancestors worked so hard to build.

I agree that we should give more incentives for green energy. That

way we can clean up the air, water and earth that fossil fuels have

poisoned. Maybe then children with autism (increased over 600 percent),

asthma, cancer and neurological disordered will begin to come down.

As for social security and medicare benefits being entitlements that

are going broke in 2016, the generation of Americans born between 1946

and 1964, who drew their first social security checks in 2008, will

place heavy demands on the system as they reach their retirement years.

But this is also a generation that has been paying into the system since

they started working in the early 1960s. Much of the money that boomers

are and will be drawing from social security is and will be their own.

Critics have been casting the same aspersions on the program for 75


As we see in a recent Daily Triplicate about embezzlement charges

against a former official of the Senior Center, oversight is very

important whether it applies to large banks, the stock market, or the

environment because greed is a fact of life and people and corporations

do not police themselves.

Crystal Griffin is a Crescent City resident.