Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Should taxpayer money be wasted on a special election?

As an architect, I have run a successful business for 25 years, based on precision, thoroughness, and correctness - exactly what I do for you as your elected official in city policy making.

Regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant Proposition 218 process, four rate increases were planned. The City Council simply approved a previously scheduled rate increase.

Our city employees and police officers are among the lowest paid in the state. It's better business sense to award a cost-of-living pay raise (2 percent) than to lose staff/officers due to underpayment.

Fluoride in our drinking water is not decided by the City Council - it must be decided by city voters.

Our city has invested too much time and resources to dis-establish

the Business Improvement District. Our new city manager was involved

with two successful BIDs. It's not smart to dis-establish BID when he

says it's a valuable tool for our downtown's success. Standing for

something that's positive for all in our city is called leadership!

Councilwoman Donna Westfall was censured by her council colleagues on

a 4-1 vote for her violating the Council Code of Ethics.

Do you really want to waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars

ordering a special city election versus spending money on desperately

needed investments for our city - given the next general election is

next year?

Mayor Charles Slert

Crescent City

Del Norte sheriff's deputies underpaid and undermanned

After reading "Tea Party Sheriff," Sept. 3, in which the sheriff of

this county talks about how he is essentially overpaid for the job that

he does, I wonder if The Triplicate asked the deputies working for

Sheriff Dean Wilson if they were satisfied with their pay and benefits

for the job that they are tasked with.

I'm sure it would be a resounding "no." They are severely underpaid

and are critically undermanned for the job that they do. It appears the

sheriff is completely blind to the fact that his responsibility is to

his employees, and ensuring that they have all the necessary tools

provided (appropriate pay and benefits included) to serve the community.

I bet that most of his employees would agree that, at the very least,

it was in poor taste to provide the most recent article to The

Triplicate as the sheriff did. I'm sure the next thing coming from him

will be, "Well if they (employees) don't like it, they can look

elsewhere for a job."

I'm sure they are Mr. Wilson, I'm sure they are. Time do put that

uniform on and serve the community as you said you would do in your last


Maybe you can enlist some of your fellow Tea Partiers to help handle

calls for service.

Richard Barry

Crescent City