Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Comeback Town USA needs to find ways to keep its youth busy

I trust that since school is now back in session for Del Norte that there will be more activities to keep our youth occupied, since our summer seemed to be upsettingly lacking.

I came home on leave for a three-week period this summer with a whole to-do list for myself and my siblings. Imagine how deterred I was when virtually none of those items were available. In summer!

Bowling alley? Closed (on certain days). Roller rink? Closed. Kidtown? Graffitied and trashed. Skate park? Even more run down than when I left 4 years ago. That left our options to the movie theaters, Denny's, or the beach. Or maybe we could have taken in the trend of Del Norte's adolescents and gotten involved in drugs and underage drinking, a statistic that has increased the last couple years.

Coming home, I can see why. There is nothing here keeping our kids

involved, so what else are they going to do? In my generation we put in

Kidtown and we fundraised for the skate park. I keep up with my hometown

and there hasn't been anything like that in a long time. Why not?

There are plenty of opportunities to do something for our kids. I saw

abandoned buildings all over. Why not put in the youth center we've

been asking for? Don't use the excuse of funding because we know there's

jobs to be had and fundraising has never been an issue when there's a

good cause.

This used to be Comeback Town USA, but what is there to come back to?

For our future and theirs, lets get our youth straight, Del Norte!

Amanda Snowden

Yongsan, Korea