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Refutation of op-ed on which president has spent the most

In her crystalline response to Marlowe Thompson's Aug. 25 letter to the editor ("President has added more debt than all others for past 200 hundred years"), Crystal Griffin's Coastal Voices dissertation of Sept. 8 ("Jobs aren't coming back") makes a number of assertions intended to negate Mr. Thompson's thesis that the sitting president along with his radical Democrat cohorts has outspent all combined previous administrations from the inception of our history.

She immediately departs from her primary assertion and writes that "there is so much wrong information out there." Okay, that is likely true, but that does not spell out what she asserted was the error(s) of Mr. Thompson's letter.

From that point she moves way off the screen by asking "what man or

woman could be able to handle the absolute mess that former President

Bush created?" This moves even further from her thesis of Mr. Thompson's

assertion that the Obama administration has outspent all combined

previous administrations in U.S. history.

I will grant that Bush was the most spendy president of all times andhellip;

until Obama took office and doubled the ante within a three-year span

as though "Monopoly" money was involved.

Her litany of Bush's creations included, among other things, two

wars, one of which was, at that time, a lesser involvement later to be

expanded into a full-fledged conflagration under Obama. One of Obama's

pledges (while campaigning) was to extract the U.S. from engagement in

Iraq within (I think) a two-year timeframe. Our troops are still there

and very much engaged. This has become Obama's war as has, especially,

Afghanistan. Additionally he has invaded Libya and is now mouthing a

presidentially imposed sanction against Syria. Does anyone else see a

predilection to megalomania here?

When Ms. Griffin states she is curious where Mr. Thompson gets his

facts, then proceeds to state the site he recommends, she immediately

creates a curious anomaly - she obviously did not visit the site, even

out of curiosity.

By the way, Ms. Griffin, Clinton was impeached for perjury, not


Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Gender restrictions for youth sports a problem in Del Norte

I am tired of this area being so backwards.

During the County Fair, bullriding was available, to the boys, not

the girls. This week, try-outs are available for middle school flag

football, if you're a boy.

When was my daughter notified that flag football was a "boys only"

sport? When she showed up for try-outs.

I understand that many seventh grade girls are 5 feet tall and 85

pounds. Some 7th grade girls are 5 feet 5 inches and 150 pounds. My

daughter has private insurance that would cover any injuries that she


Why is our community allowing this to happen? Why can't a girl ride a

bull? Why can't a boy play volleyball? Men play volleyball in the

Olympics. Why can't a girl at least have the ability to try out for flag


When the District Office became involved in the issue, they informed

us that volleyball was available, if you tried out last week. Thanks for

that tip, a little late though.

Why can't we move into this century? If a girl wants to participate

in a dangerous activity and has insurance to cover her injuries, let

her. Maybe if we allow the boys to play volleyball, the next star of the

Olympic team could be from Fort Dick.

Del Norte Unified School District should be ashamed of itself.

Kelly Lynch

Crescent City

Shame on those who opposed fire assessment increase

I was saddened to learn that on Aug. 22, the Klamath Fire District's

proposed benefit assessment increase failed to obtain enough votes to


As the former secretary of the district, I was fully aware of the

district's financial needs and efforts to obtain property owner support.

The district may not have perfect administrative records, but

operationally it is fully supporting the community's fire and medical

needs. My hat is off to Fire Chief Genzoli and his staff.

Upon review of the ballots of those who opposed the increase, I note

that many are the largest property owners. Strange that they could not

afford $3 more per month for each parcel they own!

Strange that many of these people are older males who may be prone to

heart attacks and might possibly need the district's medical support

some day to save their lives!

These people know that Klamath Fire can be at their house in a few

minutes while assistance from elsewhere takes a minimum of 30 minutes.

What is more important, your life or your bank account?

I have to assume that one of these people was the author of an

unsigned letter that went to all property owners with lots of

misinformation. Very sad! Shame on you!

Al Muelhoefer

Phoenix, Ore.