Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Work crew made Elk Creek look best it ever has, is worth a visit

I would like to comment on the work crew that has been working in the Elk Creek area.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done there. Berry vines, brush and grass have been cleared from the trail and you can see Elk Creek and the old log ponds again. This is the best I've seen the area look.

I would encourage those that like to walk and enjoy the beautiful area we live in to go to the end of Second Street and walk the Elk Creek Trail. You will see a beautiful area of Del Norte County right in your back yard.

Thanks to the work crew who was friendly and accomplished something extraordinary.

Philip Dailey

Fort Dick

McClure's behavior at meeting seemed shockingly rude to me

I observed an incident at the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors

meeting Tuesday that I am still finding hard to believe. The occurrence

was nothing short of shocking!

I was in attendance as a member of the public interesting in letting

the board know I feel about a certain ad hoc committee to oversee the

Del Norte Solid Waste Management company.

There were two citizens who delivered remarks before I spoke at the

lightly attended public forum. The second person, Paul Dillard, was

addressing the board during his allotted three minute presentation. He

was interrupted by Supervisor Martha McClure, who initially disagreed

with Mr. Dillard's observations concerning additional stipends received

by the supervisors for their work as elected officials. Then citizen

Dillard asked to be allowed to continue.

Supervisor Martha McClure pushed her chair back, stood up and exited

the chambers.

I was astounded !

Here is a paid elected official essentially turning her back on a

citizen's opinion. That is outrageous!

I was, again, taken back that no one on the Board of Supervisors said

anything and no one on the board did anything. Mr. Dillard continued to

speak to the remaining four supervisors.

Ms. McClure re-entered the chambers and took her seat when Mr.

Dillard finished his comments.

Rude behavior is never an excuse. We can disagree without being

disagreeable. Ms. McClure's behavior was inexcusable!

I would hope and expect Ms. McClure would offer a heartfelt apology

to Mr. Dillard and to the citizens of Del Norte County.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Complete fools backed the NATO offensive in Libya

The Al Qaeda terrorist network in Libya says "Yes we can, yes we


Thank you, Obama! Thank you, Sarkozy! Thank you, Gordon Brown of

England! Thank you, NATO!

NATO is dictating our foreign policy these days? I thought the Cold

War ended 20 years ago.

Obama can show everybody how hip he is by making Vanilla Ice or MC

Hammer his running mate in 2012.

I'm supposed to be concerned about some cowboy from Texas becoming

president when we already have some political gangster from Chicago?

Obama promises change and then he does his best Ronald Reagan

imitation by acting like a creep and a bully in Libya.

The CIA used terrorists like Osama Bin Laden to kick the Soviets out

of Afghanistan. How did that work out for us?

Saddam Hussein was our ally during the 1980s and then we wind up

invading Iraq in 1991. We are still there 20 years later.

Funny how the women in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were treated a lot

better before our fascist government decided to get involved in their


Complete fools like John McCain and Barack Obama call it the "Arab

Spring." I call it one billion pounds of manure in a one-pound bag.

Joe Thomas