Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Astonished at lack of effort to prevent future harbor damage

With millions of dollars being spent to restore the harbor boat basin, over and over again, I am astonished that no apparent effort is going into a prevention of future damage.

Example: A well planned and designed surge gate installed at the entrance to the boat basin, one section or two, electrically, hydraulically or manually closed, vertically "floating" sections resting on the bottom and tested monthly, would keep the entrance clear of sand/mud and prevent any heavy surge from impacting the boat basin.

The goal would be to slow the surge, not a water-proof barrier. Seems as if locals could design one, then engineer it and seek funds to build it.

A slow rise of water in the basin would be harmless. Prevention is far better than expensive cures!

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Time to stand up against requiring teaching about gays in history

I'd like to preface my letter with an apology it if offends anyone.

The purpose of my letter is not to offend but to protect the innocence

of our young children.

I'm not very politically correct, so here goes.

While we've been busy not paying attention to what the schools are

telling our kids, the governor signed a bill, SB48. We need to stop it!

It's supposed to take effect in January.

If this one sticks, parents will not be allowed to opt out like they

can with sex education.

The senator sponsoring this bill wants K-12 students to learn in

social studies, all about the "wonderfulness" of being homosexual. The

flip side of the coin will not be mentioned. The "unwonderfulness" of

being homosexual will never be discussed. The diseases will never be

discussed. Their own consciences will never be discussed. The fire and

brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah will never be discussed; as a matter of

fact, right in the bill it states that nothing in the curriculum may

"reflect adversely" upon alternative lifestyles.

We should be trying to get California's economy going instead of

writing bills to indoctrinate our kids. With the breakup of so many

families, our kids have enough to deal with without dumping this mess in

their laps.

Please stick to reading, writing and arithmetic because it seems as

if schools have forgotten what they're here for.

If this does sneak in, I hope we see a large jump in home-schooling.

It's time for the good teachers to stand up and not allow this. It

must be killing your souls to have to teach a lot of the stuff they

force you to teach. A little consolation for you good teachers is that a

lot of us have told our kids not to believe everything you tell them.

Maybe it's a good time to start your own schools. Maybe it's a good

time to reflect on all the things you've been telling our kids that you

wish you didn't have to. For a few people in Sacramento, you shouldn't

have to give up your principles.

Today I talked to two people at the School Board who didn't even know

what "SB48" was. I had to tell them, then a board member said, "Oh,

that bill. We're just waiting to hear what we have to do." Please look

it up, "SB48."

Muriel Kaye

Crescent City