Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Chilldren can be whatever they want, regardless of their gender

In regards to "Gender restrictions for youth sports a problem in Del Norte," Sept. 15, I agree with letter-writer Kelly Lynch.

I too have girls who want to ride the bulls during the fair and want to play football. If we lived in a big city they would be able to play whatever sport they want. My oldest was even in boxing in Fresno County.

Their size doesn't matter, if they want to do something we should help them. We teach our children that they can be or do whatever they want, no matter what gender, and if they are not allowed to it is against their constitutional rights and against the law to be prejudiced against one gender.

I for one will not stand for this and will fight for my daughter's

right to do any sport that she wants.

Since when have we gone back in time to say girls are not to do

sports? Are we to teach are daughters to stay in the kitchens? I think


Antonette Briones-Morelos

Crescent City

Conservatives, history warns us time you want return to was grim

It is understandable why no matter what political views one holds,

the current situation has everyone furious and they're sure it's "the

other guy's fault!"

The Democrats are made up of members with such diverse concerns about

what needs to be done that they splinter into special interest groups,

none of which are powerful enough to get the job done.

The Tea Party and GOP on the other hand get their power by adopting a

single goal on which to concentrate their anger. The stated goal now is

to ensure the failure of President Obama and taking our country back.

Back to what? The means of bringing this about is to stick by "just say

no" to anything the president proposes to pull us out of the economic

disaster inherited from the last administration.

It seems the distress of the unemployed, those losing their homes and

the possible bankruptcy of our country must be considered "collateral


Members of those identifying themselves as conservative in our

society who are supporting this agenda might find it enlightening to

pull out their history books to review the plight of ordinary citizens

in the world they want to go back to. Before Henry Ford showed industry

how putting money in workers' pockets benefited everyone, life was

pretty grim for all but the tiny group benefiting from the oligarchy of

the time. With its improved financial status, labor started working to

achieve the reforms in wages and working conditions we enjoy today.

Faced with the economic crisis of the 1930s, the New Deal's policy of

pumping money into the economy helped bring an end to that suffering

and create a strong middle class.

I would suggest the old saying, "Be careful what you pray for" is

very fitting. Have a good look at what you are asking to go back to.

Lois Munson

Crescent City

New waste authority review to ask questions already answered

County Supervisor Mike Sullivan reportedly claims the previous Solid

Waste Authority ad hoc committee was intended only to evaluate

operations ("Another solid waste study set," Sept. 16). The new

committee is supposed to decide how to change things, even though the

old one indicated few changes were necessary.

Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen seems to support Sullivan, which is not

surprising since both of them have long seemed to favor changes.

Supervisors Leslie McNamer and Martha McClure are not in agreement with

them, which would make Supervisor David Finigan the deciding vote.

It may only be coincidental that there is a gender difference in

voting, but it makes one wish for the days when supervisors Sarah

Sampels, McNamer and McClure constituted a female majority.

Warren Rosengren

Crescent City