Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Congress totally out of touch with plight of the unemployed

Normally, any letter that I have written to the editor has been complimentary to the subject. Not this time.

I'm inspired by the editorial cartoon of Sept. 15 in The Daily Triplicate, which pictured a real truth. The people that we have elected to Congress, both Senate and representatives, are totally out of touch with the plight of those caught up in the unemployment dilemma that faces our nation. They sit in session jawing about it but do nothing. Meanwhile, our citizens are losing their homes, are having to accept charity, or maybe worse.

Once these Congress people are in office, they are almost untouchable. Salaries and perks are their main objectives.

Basically, they are, for the most part, bobbleheads. They shake their

heads up and down or side to side, depending on the issue and leaders'


If there was some way to dock their pay and perks substantially, it

would get their attention. California did it on the annual budget


We can write letters or go online to express our feelings. I highly

recommend that action. The addresses are available through The Daily

Triplicate. Also, have your relatives or friends contact them. Perhaps

we could get a real movement going.

Robert Ames

Crescent City

Contra headline, access restored to parkland by keeping out farm

In "Parkland, not farmland," Sept. 15, The Triplicate spun the

article backwards.

The real story is California State Parks finally ended the illegal

use of state parkland for private pasture.

Instead of the red "Access Denied," on the photo, the real caption

should be "Access Restored."

To infer that this was the result of outside interests acting against

local interests is backwards. This is a state park owned by and for

all Californians, not someone's pasture or a county park.

According to the story, Blake Alexandre says Alexandre ECODairy Farms

lost about $20,000 per year in "managing" this property while this

saved local farmers about $500,000, which yields a nice profit for

some. Alexandre spent money to use it for his pasture, not for park

purposes. A great deal for the farmers, but not for the rest of us


Missing from the report is the dollar value of damage and related

costs of restoration due to the grading of the land and filling in of


John Mertes

Crescent City