Del Norte Triplicate Readers

It doesn't matter if historically relevant figures were gay/lesbian

In response to Barry Wendell's Sept. 21 letter, "Students need to learn about the contributions of gays and lesbians," honestly, what difference does it make what your sexuality is or isn't and why on earth do we have to teach it to children in school.

"Now class, the man who invented clear steel was a highly educated physicist and a genius. Oh, and our government requires that I tell you that he is gay."

Now, seriously, can someone please explain to me why that little snippet of sexual information would be important to or appropriate for kids or the public for that matter? You can't because it doesn't matter.

Certain individuals are making it a point to force you to know and to bring about "awareness" and "cultural diversity." How many ways can we, as Americans, be so divisive and separate each other from one another?

Your sexual preference should only matter if you were about to ask someone on a date. Other than that, most people don't really care. Think about it, when is the last time you met someone new at a business meeting or function and shook hands with someone that said, "Hi, I'm Dave and I'm gay." Or, "Hi, I'm a lesbian and oh, my name is Sue."

This country is headed down the toilet and California is one step ahead of the country. I have never felt the need to organize a heterosexual pride parade but this hand basket we are all riding downhill is picking up speed and I simply don't know how to stop it.

Donna Eller

Crescent City

What is motive behind Sullivan visiting Solid Waste issue again?

I want to express my appreciation for the good work of the county

Solid Waste Management Authority. I commend their dependable service,

the newly provided mechanized collection of heavy loads, saving the

backs of service employees, and the addition of sorely-needed curbside

recycling of a much broader range of items, included without additional

charge, and all at a rate comparable to or better than that of

surrounding communities.

On Sept. 13, the Board of Supervisors voted to form a new ad hoc

committee to meet with Crescent City to look at changing or dissolving

the Solid Waste Management Authority. This matter will be revisited

today, this time ensuring that proper notice is given for public


Supervisor Sullivan was the moving party for the formation of the

original committee. Sullivan's personally selected first committee's

express mandate was to evaluate performance of, as well as possible

changes to this authority, which implicitly included its dissolution and

replacement. This has been done. The first committee issued a report

approving the performance of the Solid Waste Management Authority, by

consensus recommending retention of the authority, with minor

recommendations for changes in its operation.

Now, the same supervisor proposes convening a second committee for

the same purpose.

The transfer station is owned by the community and managed by the

authority, providing oversight to ensure that private companies are

accountable to the people served, that no privately owned entity can

dictate what we can recycle and reuse, or subordinate community

interests to profit motives.

A few fair questions: Has the proponent an unstated agenda? Is it

guided by a rigid ideology that, regardless of the fact of long-standing

competent administration by the authority, regards all public bodies as

bad and all private companies as good? Does such a change take into

account that this alternative would be a private monopoly with neither

public accountability nor transparency in this contracting, coordination

and oversight function, without even the corrective advantage of fair


Is there also a personal interest to be accommodated in the formation

of a private company to perform this essential management and oversight


I look forward to seeing whether these questions are addressed.

Ralph Johansen

Crescent City

Slert trying to confuse issue of authorizing fluoridation chemical

Mayor Charles Slert has made several statements about the City

Council not being able to do anything about discontinuing the

fluoridation program, saying that it's up to the voters.

Slert is trying to confuse the issue. The voters cannot vote on what

chemical we use, that's administrative vs legislative, which I would

expect our mayor to know. The City Council does have the power to

authorize what chemical we use to fluoridate.

Back in May I presented the Council with a 25-page constructive

notice informing them of provable facts concerning the nature of our

fluoridation chemical: hydrofluosilicic acid. Hydrofluosilicic acid is a

literal toxic waste that is classified as acutely hazardous waste by

the EPA. They call it "fluoride" because it happens to contain 15

percent fluorine, but what about the other 85 percent?

It also contains arsenic, which exceeds the public health goal limit,

and a host of other heavy metals and toxic chemicals we shouldn't be

adding to our water in any amount.

Then there's the matter of public safety. The constructive notice

provided to the Council explained how certain segments of the population

can be harmed by consuming this toxic waste chemical. It was in the

news about dental fluorosis being on the rise, which is a sign of

fluoride overdose.

The American Dental Association released a warning back in 2006 that

infant formula should not be reconstituted with fluoridated tap water

because of the risk of dental fluorosis. Who is looking out for these

babies being fed tap water in our community? No one is warning new

mommies of the risk. The Council prefers to keep quiet on the issue.

As a matter of protecting the public health, the City Council does

have the power to stop adding a chemical to the water supply that harms

even one citizen.

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City

Solid waste authority doing a good job, so why dissolve it?

Kudos to management and staff of the Solid Waste Management Authority

for the planning that brought the transfer station into existence, the

continuing responsible operation of the station and for the recent new

contract negotiated with Recology.

The new wheeled bins are great. Nice not to have to carry out the old

clunky recycling container. Nice not to have to lug yard waste to the

transfer station.

So what's the deal - they're doing a great job, and the powers that

be are considering dissolving the authority and finding a different

entity to administer and operate the transfer station? In the current

"interesting times" we seem to be living in, there are plenty of things

that don't work the way they should. When something is working well and

people are doing a good job, they should be appreciated and thanked, not

singled out for dissolution!

Donna Thompson

Crescent City

Overzealous people of any religion can foster terrorism

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the U.S. population forgets

its actions and the travesties we've committed due to blatant fear and

stupidity! Always some form of bias or, dare I say the word, prejudice,

over something they truly know nothing about, but only what they've been

"fed" by the media and, regretfully, in some religious situations, like


I have read the "dreaded" Koran. And, if you were to replace certain

words with words from the Bible, you have the identical message!

Stay away from folks who either deny God or dent his word andhellip; be it the

Torah, Bible, Koran or other religious "user manual."

It is the folks that take those words and warp them to fit their

zealous ignorance that create terrorists!

To prevent prayers, someone's personal conversation with their God,

no matter what they call him, is ridiculous, cruel and downright


Get over the word "Muslim" people! Be concerned of zealots from all

races, creeds, colors and religions!

Teri Markanson

Crescent City