Richard Wiens, The Triplicate

There will only be three of them, but as a whole the newspapers produced next week under the banner of the Del Norte Triplicate will be better than the five editions of The Daily Triplicate you got this week.

Better, because each issue will contain more of our stock and trade: local news, features and photos. You'll get two sections every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and next week there'll be a couple of additional special sections as well.

I don't want to spoil all the surprises, but I do want to whet your appetite with a brief mention of some of the changes:

andbull; First, what hasn't changed: The staff isn't shrinking, so the

simple mathematics are that the local coverage we've been spreading over

five days will now be squeezed into three bigger packages.

andbull; Since there will no longer be Wednesday and Friday issues, the

special features of those days will be moved. The Neighbors page and

grocery advertisements, for instance, will now be part of the Tuesday

edition. Sheriff and police logs will appear Thursday.

andbull; Today is the last time that the Northcoast Life page will be in the

Saturday paper. Starting next week, it'll move to Thursday, which will

make it a more timely preview of what's going on over the upcoming

weekend. Joining the Art Scene notes will be a listing of live music and

other night-life opportunities around the area.

andbull; Replacing Northcoast Life on Saturday will be a Healthy Living page

focused on food, recreation and health features (including such current

staples as Del Norte Eats and Walk Your World). This will be

accompanied by a rotating series of columns, including the current House

Calls and Del Norte Gardening and a couple of new ones, Yoga Bites and

Artisan Cuisine.

andbull; We're adding some comics - including Dilbert and the return of

Marmaduke - and dropping some others. Since comics are produced six

times a week, you'll get a double dose of them in each of our three

editions so you never miss a strip. Be prepared for what might prove to

be a more challenging crossword puzzle. Within the colorful new

classified ad pages, you'll find a different bridge column and - don't

worry - sudoku will still be there as well.

andbull; We're putting the finishing touches on other new features,

including an advertising "deal of the day" and additional local columns

focusing on various segments of the community.

Needless to say, we're excited about the enhancements. We understand

you're used to us five days a week and that we have to win you over to

the new format. We'll still be your primary source of local information,

and when important news breaks, we'll post it at


Check out the Del Norte Triplicate starting next week, and as always,

feel free to send your comments and suggestions to

Let's do this thing together.