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May voters not forget failure to enforce law in Dillard case

I for one want to question the judgment of our District Attorney Jon Alexander on his action of not filing criminal charges against Paul Dillard ("No charges to be filed in Dillard case," Sept. 30).

There is an old saying around here, "There is no God north of Eel River and no law north of Klamath." Has Mr. Alexander forgotten this old saying? What I do not understand is the clear pass Jon gave Paul Dillard, who is well known for his law enforcement background with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and at Pelican Bay.

People also forget that his son, Bronson Dillard, was also a sworn officer with Humboldt County who is charged with a crime against a child and a warrant from a judge was signed against him, something that Mr. Dillard, was accused of setting aside to protect his son. To me, that shows poor judgment on Mr. Dillard's part.

My question now is to the general public who read this newspaper:

Should Mr. Dillard remain on the Del Norte County Juvenile Justice and

Delinquency Prevention Commission and on the ad hoc committee looking

into questions of our Solid Waste Authority?

But what upset me most was the pass that our DA has given to Mr.

Dillard. Is this another example of the old theory in this county that

if you are one of the good old boys, you will be protected? Where is the

outcry from the general public?

The role of the DA is to protect our children. Paul Dillard's alleged

actions may have slowed the wheels of the judicial process.

It is my hope that the voters of Del Norte County will not forget

this and demand that standard of law be placed on anyone who is accused

in any way of protecting a person who allegedly harms our children.

Shame on you, Jon Alexander. Two wrongs do not make a right.

You would think anyone with a law enforcement background would be

held to a higher standard than "he did what most parents would have


Richard Miles

Crescent City

Letting illegal immigrants get school financial aid a problem

What kind of message are we sending illegal immigrants when they're

in our country illegally and our governor signs a bill to allow them to

get school funding for financial aid? I'll explain to you what a problem

this is going to create.

First of all, if an illegal immigrant comes to California and enrolls

in college classes, he will be able to get free benefits from the state

of California. Why should illegal immigrants be rewarded for breaking

the law? They're not supposed to be in our country. I know when most

people break the law, there are consequences such as jail time,

community work service and fines. If a legal resident decides to enroll

in college and he wants to take a class or two, will he be able to? Not

if it's full of illegal immigrants.

Secondly, it's sending a message to other illegal immigrants that

it's OK to come across our borders illegally. Why would they stop coming

to America if there is no punishment for their illegal actions?

Thirdly, they're going to call their friends and family and let all

of them know about this great deal we have for them. The border patrol

is trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing while our governor is

giving them an invitation to America!

I think education is a wonderful tool to have, but giving illegal

immigrants state funding to attend college is ridiculous. It's sending

the wrong message to other illegal aliens and the wrong message to our

children. Let's worry about the legal citizens that are living in

America. Our governor gives our benefits to the illegal immigrants.

Chadwick Poole

Crescent City