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Sat. farmers market has bumper crop, schedule extended to Nov.

While the Crescent City Farmers Market may have gotten off to a slow start because of the weather, there is a bumper crop of fruits and produce available at the market, through the entire month of October, and now it's been decided to continue through November.

Local support for our community's Saturday Market has been incredible. Visitors and market supporters have been greeted by 40andndash;50 vendors setting up each Saturday morning, along with food, entertainment and live music.

For our local farmers, their season is in full swing, with truckloads

of produce arriving each Saturday. Farmers have plenty of produce,

still in the ground, and will have sufficient produce to keep the

Crescent City Farmers Market open, each Saturday, in the fairgrounds

parking lot, rain or shine. In celebration of our local bountiful

harvest, the Market is promoting a "Buy Out the Farmers and Put Up for

Winter" campaign.

Because the community feels the market is such a vital part of our

community and our food resources, arrangements are currently being made

with the Del Norte County Fairgrounds, to rent the Arts and Craft

building each Saturday in November from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (the October

hours are 9 a.m.andndash;1 p.m.) Those using EBT cards will be able to do so

through the market season.

We would like to thank our farmers, craftsmen, entertainers and

supporters for making this year's Crescent City Farmers Market a

tremendous success. It is a program of Rural Human Services.

Ron Phillips, market manager

Crescent City

Area needs to be vigilant in face of increased theft, drug activity

Thanks to the Triplicate's Adam Spencer for his excellent coverage

("Thefts spur neigh-bors to organize," Oct. 4) of the recent burg-laries

in our neighborhood surrounding Blackwell, between Boulder and Pine

Grove, and between Lake Earl and Railroad. As a result, the Neighborhood

Watch organizational meeting on Tues-day at Pelican Bay Church was very


Pastor Russ Green and the other pastors in town have also met

recently with the Sheriff's Office to help keep our neighborhoods safe.

Due to the poor economy and the state prison realignment, Crescent

City needs to fight back against increasing drug and theft activity. Tim

Athey from the Sheriff's Office spoke at the meeting and warned us to

watch the houses and streets in our neighborhood for anyone or anything

"that doesn't look right."

Make eye contact and say hello to make passersby realize that you see

them, which often is enough to get them to move on. They are looking

for unoccupied houses to rob, and they usually work in the daytime.

Don't hesitate to call 911 to report anything suspicious and include as

much detail as possible.

Please call the Sheriff's Office at 464-9521 to meet with Tim Athey

and start a Neighborhood Watch in your area. Tell your neighbors when

you will be gone and exchange phone numbers. Let's drive these

predators off our streets.

Joan Miles

Crescent City