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Starving budget, LaMalfa shares blame for harbor funding failure

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB1429, which would have relieved our Crescent City Harbor District from having to pay 6.25 percent or $1.2 million of repair costs from the latest disaster caused by the tsunami March 11.

The governor sent his California Emergency Management Team to assess the damage and report what we needed. Everything was in place to assist where possible through permits required by agencies that everyone needed in order to proceed. It is rumored that the Santa Cruz harbor ignored the process and failed to get certain permits and lost its funding completely.

Now here is the kicker: Certain current harbor commissioners

encouraged state Sen. Doug LaMalfa to oppose the rights of our citizens

to vote on whether or not we should continue certain taxes in this state

so that the state budget could be whole. Instead, we have another year

of smoke and mirrors to which later this year the Legislature will need

to cut all budgets again somewhere from $2 billion to $4 billion.

These cuts will cost our social services and education again. Sen.

LaMalfa could have stepped up and given us the right to vote, but chose

not to.

Now these same commissioners want the state to cough up their share

of the disaster funds. (I believe in the first disaster, 2006,

California put up approximately $15 million; the county Board of

Supervisors, $5 million; and for this March 11 disaster, the federal

government put up approximately $15 million and the state another $3.7


I guess what I'm saying is you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

Now by chance, if the Senator would have given us a chance to vote,

possibly there would be funds to assist our Harbor District in its

endeavor to obtain funds.

So the "letters to the editor" and the "editor" have sided with the

notion that the governor did us a big disservice. All I can say is when

you have no money in the checking account, it is pretty hard to write a

check for over $1 million. The county Board of Supervisors stepped up

and secured the $5 million in funding for the first disaster in 2006.

When will the harbor commissioners step up and look for other funding

sources to assist them?

Jerry Cochran

Crescent City