Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Isn't it clear both parties colluding with industries at our expense?

In the Oct. 11 letter by Dale Bohling ("Attack on conservative ideology repeats tired arguments of past"), it struck me that the competing element of our political divide is evolving into a culture of its own.

It's like political poetry. My mind is tickled just melting the vocabulary and analogies together.

Interestingly though, if past elections are any indicator, it would seem that any political leader, either a Dale Bohling or a Bruce Kerwood ("Panning conservative ideology," Oct. 6), would have received funds from the same sources. Our Obamas and Rick Perrys and so on are bought and paid for before we vote and we couldn't possibly compete with the money involved.

The industries supporting these "candidates"?have the dominating

share of our GDP and it has been growing.

"Divide and Conquer" - you know, I'm not educated enough to know

where that comes from (and I've used Google enough today), but isn't it

clear that this has happened to us? Each side too afraid to vote for

someone of integrity, scared the "lesser of two evils"?might lose. What


Everybody feels nostalgic about a certain era. The '50s seemed

peaceful or "gentle"?to some after a depression and world war. And the

1950s saw a share of revolution as groups began to fight for civil

rights. There was a lot of work to be done. There was a lot to make

right. And today is no exception.

Robert C. Derego

Crescent City

Keep pressure on GOP to make jobs, not posturing, their priority

Almost a month ago, President Obama laid out his plan to create jobs

and invest in our infrastructure. The bottom line: more people working

and better roads, bridges, and schools.

As the president asked last week in his speech at the Congressional

Black Caucus Foundation, since when are Republicans against building

roads? And I'd add, since when are they against creating jobs?

Sadly, I think the answer has do with when political posturing became

more important than actually getting things done. House Majority Leader

Eric Cantor and the House Republicans have made their priorities clear.

Let's keep the pressure on them to not let the same thing happen this

time around.

Marsinah Murakami

Crescent City

Women's indoor soccer a great time; come out, cheer them on

Thank you so very much for your coverage of the Del Norte Women's

Indoor Soccer League ("Sunday night soccer for women draws a crowd in

town," Oct. 11).

We are all very passionate about playing soccer and hope that more

people come out to watch the action. As your article indicates, it is

full of full-body contact plays, amazing goal saves, swift solid kicks

on the goal - and screaming fans!

Come on out everyone, it promises to be a roaring good time! Cheer

for your favorites!

Robin Patch

Black Widows goalie

Crescent City

Soaring rates for garbage pickup have to be stopped somehow

Recent letters indicate the Del Norte Solid Waste Authority Board is

doing a great job, it does not use taxpayer dollars, it is inexpensive

and so forth. If it is so good at management and finance, getting

taxpayer-funded grants and operating so well it is so inexpensive, etc.,

then why is the school district having to divert $80,000 more than last

year to pay for garbage pickup? Aren't those taxpayer dollars?

Why do businesses pay up to 300 percent more in one year? Aren't

those taxpayer dollars? Why did the transfer station raise rates 13.5

percent in April? Aren't you a taxpayer?

The fact is the DNSWMA is raising the costs of operation, adding more

programs and mandates that add to the costs of operation. Democrats

love big government. Now we see garbage dumped all over the county.

Maybe we need to privatize like Curry County or elect a separate

board directly accountable to the voters. The DNSWMA's board members

will not dissolve it when they get paid $375 a month stipend, adding to

operating costs a total of $22,500 a year.

This has to stop or we will be paying $200 a ton or more by 2015 and

many more businesses will close.

Ron Plechaty

Crescent City

Who do we thank for hiking up recycling, trash pickup rates?

In case anyone is still wondering where the jobs are here in Del

Norte, I'm following up my last letter to the editor by bringing your

attention to just one more additional cost paid by local businesses.

(Remember, escalating costs to a business mean inability to use that

money to hire additional staff.)

Needless to say, I was shocked when I recently received my bill from

Recology, increasing my cardboard Dumpster rate from $21 a month to $243

a month! Can you imagine paying almost $3,000 a year for service to

pick up and recycle your cardboard?

Not only was there an increase to the recycling pickup fees, but the

surprises kept coming. When my August bill showed up, my regular trash

pickup and disposal rates for my business increased from $400 to $660 a

month. Which meant the new rate for both was now $912 a month, compared

to the former contract rate of $421 for the exact same service!

Interestingly, since 2003 the rates have progressively increased. In

comparison, it is hard to imagine that over the last eight years annual

pickup and disposal rates could skyrocket from $252 a year to $2,900 a

year for a recycle bin, and from $3,330 to $7,950 for trash.

All in all, what once cost $3,500 in 2003, now costs $10,900! I hate

to imagine what the rates will be in another eight years.

Who do we thank for this? Who negotiated this deal with the green

mafia? I'd like to know.

Mary Wilson

Crescent City

Free help for seniors on Medicare considering changing insurance

For senior citizens and those on Medicare, this is the time of the

year you can change your insurance provider.

You have been receiving those phonebook-sized packets and books in

the mail from Medicare and your insurance company. Now you have to

decide if you are receiving the most cost-effective service from your

present company.

I highly recommend you make an appointment with the Area 1 service

called HICAP. It will review your information and print out your best

options. It is very helpful, located at the Senior Center on Northcrest

Drive, and it's a free service - a benefit of being a senior.

Joe Lacey

Fort Dick