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Government can't create jobs, should help private sector do it

I see by Marsinah Murakami's Oct. 15 letter ("Keep pressure on GOP to make jobs, not posturing, its priority") that Obama's campaign strategy is working.

Murakami seems to think Obama's plan is actually designed to create jobs. I don't think so. I suspect it was presented with the knowledge that even his own party wouldn't support it, and certainly not the GOP, thereby giving him something to blame on those bad old Republicans. As Murakami says, "... since when are Republicans against building roads and ... against creating jobs?"

Well, the answer of course, is no one is against roads and jobs. But,

as almost any logical person can figure out, roads should be built when

there is money to pay for them and real private sector jobs cannot be

created by government.

Fact is, there is no money with which to build roads. Our country is

very, very deep in debt - trillions of dollars in debt and getting

deeper in debt every day. Every single day our government spends

millions of dollars more than it take in. This cannot be sustained. If

we had the interest that is being paid on this debt, we could build a

lot of roads. Spending more money that we don't have will not help the


As for creating jobs, the government can't do it. Except for

government employees, make-work jobs and so called government-private

partnership projects. And these all have to be paid for with tax money.

Just another case of spending money that we don't have. It won't help

and can't be sustained.

There are many things our government could do to encourage the

private sector creation of jobs. Mainly, it needs to get out of the way

and provide some assurance that job creators will not be penalized. But

of course, we all know Mr. Obama is not about to do that.

Clif Shepard

Crescent City