Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Thanks to Del Norters showing support for 'hometown kid'

The Hoffman family would like to express our gratitude to all of you Del Norters and our friends from the East Coast that joined the "Cody Express" and made the trip to Corvallis on Oct. 15.

What a fun time we all had. It means so much that so many of you came out and supported our hometown kid. But then Del Norters are known for their support when it comes to football. Most of you have followed Cody through all his football days here in Crescent City. Whether it was youth football or Warrior football, you guys have been there to follow him and now through college football.

Hopefully next season there will be a semi-close-to-home game again

and we can all go to that one as well and cheer on the "hometown kid."

Again thanks to all of you!

Cindy Hoffman

Crescent City

Neighborhood watches, tougher enforcement needed for thieving

Regarding the Oct. 4 article "Thefts spur neighbors to organize,"

well, here we go again with the thieves running wild here in this small


Whatever happened to martial law? You know, back in the 1800s people

shot thieves. Now I think that the sheriffs should do something about

this instead of worrying about people who smoke pot. This is not right.

And stronger neighborhood watches should be in place. First it's the good old boys, and now it's the thieves.

Tony Jacomella

Crescent City

Pointless waste cutting trees in Tsunami Landing cleanup

The "cleaning up" of the Tsunami Landing walkway is a major tragedy

to behold. An untold number of older trees have been cut down, and for

what purpose? They provide shade for people, a place for birds to

gather, flowers to beautify the landscape, give off oxygen and are

beautiful in and of themselves.

But they are gone now. Only ugly stumps remain, a pitiful reminder of

a once-lovely creation. The people who did this should have their heads

examined to see if they have the capacity to reason and feel like a

normal human does. Such callous disregard for nature and the beauty it

provides is a sure formula for ecological genocide.

Al Kay

Crescent City

City wasting valuable material that could be sold for compost

I have an odd-ball question to ask my new city manager.

What is my city going to do to meet AB341? Jerry Brown has signed

this into law. AB341 means a 75 percent reduction of waste that goes

into landfills. What is my city going to do with its green waste?

Recently, I've seen city dump trucks full of green waste that could

be made into compost going to the transfer station. Wake up. Other

cities and solid waste authorities are selling compost.

My city manager should stop crying about Crescent City being broke

when he allows something that could make money to go to waste.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Religious leaders should preach love and not condone violence

As wars have been killing millions and causing misery around the globe, I blame the religions.

Jesus would not be afraid of criticizing anyone who kills, but some of his ministers tolerate all the atrocities.

I believe that religion's job should be implanting the morals of

Jesus in every brain to influence us to love each other and forget the

hate permanently.

I would like to see ministers stepping in front of their leaders, saying loudly that killing is immoral.

I remember when Pope Pius II seemed supported by Hitler and Mussolini.

When we read religion's history from the beginning until now, most of

them love money. They may think that money could be their god.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City

Time to act on rising garbage rates or problem will worsen

Ron Plechaty's Oct. 15 letter ("Soaring rates for garbage pickup have

to be stopped somehow") was right on the money. The people of Crescent

City were warned many years ago that if they allowed the Del Norte Solid

Waste Management Authority to continue as it was going, the cost would

just about double in a very short time.

Well, it did and gee-whiz didn't everyone holler about it. There were

several folks who stood up and said that the only way to keep the cost

down and in fact, might even lower the cost of pick-up and dump fees,

was to build a trash-to-power set-up here in the county.

The problem was that opponents ran a smear campaign saying how

environmentally unsafe this idea was yada, yada, ad nauseum. Odd as it

may seem, when asked for proof of said dangers, the opponents could not

show any proof. Wow, doesn't that make you wonder?

This was, of course, a lot of bull feathers. Greenpeace, the mother

ship of all environment type groups, looked upon the trash-to-power

set-up as very friendly to the environment and good for Del Norte County

because we would also have a local power station and would not have to

rely on getting power from up north.

However, apathy once again reared its ugly head and life went on as

usual in Del Norte County. The "haves" get more while the "have-nots"

get less. Mary Wilson also tells, in the same newspaper, about her trash

prices going up and up ("Who do we thank for hiking up recycling, trash

pickup rates?") and, well, you get the idea.

Again I remind you folks, you had your chance to remedy this problem,

but once more greed got into the act and well, what can I say. Follow

the money people and, if you don't like where it's going, remember,

elections are held to put folks in office who will act according to what

the people who elected them ask them to do, not what "they"? think is

best rather than what the majority wants.

I guess all I am asking you to do is think about this long and hard

because the prices are going to go up, not down, unless the good people

of Del Norte County act upon this in the very near future.

William Turck

Crescent City