Editor's note: Yoga Bites will appear every four weeks.

Here we are again, cycling into the season when crunchy leaves fall and you can feel the crispness of the earthy air at earlier and earlier sunsets.

We are entering the time of year when practicing heat-building yoga postures can help us stoke up a bonfire at center to increase warmth and circulation throughout the body, as well as burn "the trash," whatever we do not want or need any more.

Remember as a child how being fully present was all you knew? Around this time back then you were usually planning your next greatest costume. Let your childlike nature emerge as you pretend to be a valiant Warrior-Sage.

Stretch your arms out wide to your sides, and step your feet out

about as wide as your hands into a five-pointed Sea Star. Starting with

feet parallel, turn your right foot out 90 degrees and your left foot in

45 degrees. Rooting down through all four corners of each foot, exhale

as you bend your right knee deeply, pressing the left leg toward


Arms keep extending to the sides as your head turns to gaze over the

right middle finger. Roll your shoulders back, and activate your

shoulder blades firmly onto your back. Keep the right knee centered over

the right ankle, and keep that knee tracking over the pinky-toe side of

that foot, using your thigh muscles to externally rotate the bent

thigh. This is Warrior 2, Virabhadrasana II. Hold here for five full

breath cycles.

On an inhale find center again, 5-pointed Sea Star with arms

overhead now. Switch and find Warrior II on the other side. Hold

again. Let your arms rotate as you press the palms toward each other up

at center, and turn them to press earthward as you find Warrior II.

Flow fluidly and powerfully from posture to posture, initiating each

movement from center with the breath.

Move like a ninja, tai chi master or dancer. Feel your aliveness and

vibrancy with each breath. Soften your skin, drop your mask. Allow your

outer body to drape over your skeleton. Feel the strength of your bones.

Can you find the suppleness and serenity in the midst of power, the

dynamic ease?

Take a break in between cycles when needed by pouring the torso long

over wide legs, straight or bent. What do you need to shed right now in

preparation for the seasons of thankfulness, hibernation, death and


After resting in Wide-Leg Forward Fold, or Fan, bend your knees and

slowly roll your spine up to standing. Get adventurous and flow faster,

switching sides with each breath. Exhale into a Warrior, inhale back to

center, and exhale into Warrior on the next side.

Breathe slowly through the nose to warm and harness the breath. As

you play and dance, create your own variations of poses, or new postures

that suit you spontaneously. Allow your arms to be creative and

expressive. Use the breath wind as a billow, continuing to stoke the

bonfire at center, burning away what no longer serves the highest vision

you have for yourself, and transform by moving through your inner fire.

By activating and holding these muscles while pumping fresh oxygen

through our system, we can heat and light ourselves up from the inside

out. Tapas is the Sanskrit word for the heat or glow that arises from a

vigorous yoga practice, and the burning desire to live life more fully.

Sarah Hundley, a certified yoga instructor and massage therapist,

owns Shambala Studio in Crescent City. Email her at