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History shows GOP presidents have worse deficit records

There should be no more rhetoric from Republicans that they can control our runaway debt better than spend-thrift Democrats.

Shouldn't we see what the data says about past history, say from Eisenhower to George W. Bush?

How much has the national debt increased when Republicans and Democrats were in the White House? From the first budget year of each president until the end of the last budget year for that administration, here are the debt percentages increased for each adminstration: Eisenhower (R) 9 percent; Kennedy (D) 8 percent; Johnson (D) 13 percent; Nixon/Ford (R) 98 percent; Carter (D) 43 percent; Reagan (R) 186 percent; George H.W. Bush (R) 54 percent; Clinton (D) 32 percent; and George W. Bush (R) 105 percent.

The data is found at

reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt.htm, a U.S. Government website. Budget

years end on Sept. 30.

Without much careful study, the data shows that without exception

every Republican administration oversaw debt increases compared with

every Democratic administration it followed - every single one of them!

Not one Republican president since Eisenhower failed to double the debt

percentage of a Democrat before them. Since Nixon/Ford, not one

Republican administration has delivered a debt increase percentage lower

that any Democrat. Yet each Democratic president reduced the pace of

our debt increase compared with every Republican predecessor - every

single one of them!

Listen to the rhetoric, but what will drive your decision? The data

loudly renounces any Republican claim to fiscal mastery from the White

House, the obvious result of failed policies and often, reckless


Guy Ames

Crescent City

Too much law enforcement used in high-speed chases

This is about high-speed chases performed by law enforcement all over

our country.

When this occurs numerous law enforcement vehicles respond - too many

to count and way more necessary for the situation.

Utilizing a large number of vehicles from law enforcement thereby

leaves criminals an opening to commit crimes where law enforcement


It also creates no assistance for other emergencies until a unit is


As it is, without any high-speed chases, response time for assistance

takes forever.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Pre. Obama can't or won't run on his record - why is that?

Why don't politicians run on their record anymore?

Seriously, what happen to campaigns that touted the experience,

successes and accomplishments of a candidate?

Mr. Obama has been in office for three years, two of which he enjoyed

a super-majority in both houses of Congress. Today, he can't or won't

run on his own record. Why is that?

He began his 2008 candidacy by attacking everyone for the ills of our

country, had no experience himself as a leader and promised the hopeful

everything under the sun. In three years, he has delivered little (if

anything) on any of his 2008 promises that he would or will run on for

his 2012 re-election bid.

He has $4 trillion dollars; engaged billions of taxpayer dollars in

risky "investments," some of which have failed or are failing as

predicted by heads within his own economic circle and independent

federal agencies. The Obama administration has choked the businesses

sectors with job-killing regulations and has created an environment

where our entrepreneurial spirit and industry, less confident of our

uncertain future, is left sitting on the sidelines as a result or until

Mr. Obama and his administration are gone.

I am concerned, but not shocked, that Mr. Obama, Democrat

congressional leaders and labor union leadership have voiced support for

the unfocused Occupy Wall Street mob. OWS, too, seems to have no plan

or solutions.

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, once said "We're

rapidly becoming a culture where earning money doesn't entitle you to

it, but wanting it does." This is our America today. Entitlements

without responsibility, oversight or accountability invite the waste of

billions in fraud and abuse annually. This is the culture in Washington

and in California too.

To his credit, Mr. Obama is doing exactly what he said he was going

to do back in 2008. He said he would fundamentally transform the United

States of America.

This is one promise he has kept. Consider the developments over the

last three years of a sustained 9.1 percent unemployment, a housing

market on life support and spending faster than we can borrow. Is this

the "hope" and "change" you signed up for? Can we really afford four

more years of talk with little resolve?

We are not Occupy Wall Street protestors. There is a plan, we have

solutions and we must vote.

Can we do better 2012? Yes we can and yes we will.

Paul Crandall


Farewell to a dear co-worker and friend, Roger N. Taylor Jr.

It was with great sorrow and a deep personal sense of loss that I

read the obituary for Roger N. Taylor Jr. in the Oct. 18 Triplicate.

For nearly two years, I had the honor and privilege of working with

Roger. He was an excellent co-worker and a great friend. Roger not only

had the mind of the brilliant scientist that he was, but he also had the

heart and soul of the sensitive and exquisite artist that he was. His

dry, incisive wit was punctuated with a touch of that wonderful brand of

cynicism that characterizes one who sees the world for exactly what it

is and wishes he could see something better.

During his short life, Roger was struggling to work out a difficult

and complex karma, one beset with many obstacles, frustrations and

hardships. Sometimes, in the calculus of human life, our equations don't

always balance, and, I regret, due to the circumstances of my own life,

I wasn't able to help Roger as much as I wanted.

Now that Roger has begun his new adventures in the spirit world, I

wish him well and sincerely pray for his happiness there and in his

future incarnations.

Farewell, dear co-worker and friend; may we meet again in a better

and brighter world!

Albert Stokes

Crescent City

Shame on Triplicate for printing graphic description of murder

I know it's been awhile, but I just read your Sept. 1 article ("Death

details told: How victim died affects the charges") with the graphic

description of the murder of Taylor Powell.

Shame on you for printing those kinds of details about the brutal

murder of a young man. There are many friends and family members of

Taylor, including my own children, who are being exposed to details

about the murder that will leave a lasting effect on them.

It's hard enough to know the general details of the brutal murder but

when you share the gory details it goes beyond decency. The next time

you write a story about this upcoming trial show a little mercy on the

family and friends of Taylor Powell and keep the details out of it.

Taylor was a wonderful young man who is still very deeply missed by

many people. They don't need to be reminded of the horrific way in which

his young life was stolen from him. Maybe it sells more papers but it

takes a little bit of life from anyone who knew and loved Taylor who

reads your articles.

I implore you. Show some compassion for Taylor's family and friends.

Annette Blick

Spokane, Wash.