Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Silvey wrongly blamed, but all charges will be cleared

Again, I find myself feeling the need to come to the defense of Eileen Silvey after reading the skewed, poorly investigated facts about what was going on at the Senior Center ("Failing the 'people in need': Some who sought assistance with weatherization frustrated," Oct. 15).

What I want to know is, how did the people interviewed about weatherization come to the attention of the Triplicate reporter?

Did the reporter attempt to look at the Senior Center's files to find out if they were noted as to why these people didn't get the work done that they wanted? It's easy to jump on a bandwagon, playing the part of the victim.

What frustrates me further is the Triplicate, the District Attorney's

Office and Senior Center employees themselves are conveniently leaving

out key facts. Whether this is being done to further a political agenda

or to negate one's own culpability, is unclear.

What the public needs to know is another employee of the Senior

Center was actually responsible for what residences were weatherized and

when; someone else presumably authorized all expenditures in writing

that were made by the Senior Center employees and co-signed as needed on

the Senior Center's accounts, and audits were conduced by the state

each year in the past.

Again I ask the public to refrain from passing judgment upon Eileen

based on what is published in the Triplicate. You are being fed

handpicked facts that paint a superficial picture. You are not being

given the information you need to see the big picture.

Perfect example is on Friday in court, a district attorney announced

that she had recently uncovered new information and then she expressed

her desire to dismiss the majority of charges against Eileen.

I am hoping that the Triplicate will report that a total of 28

charges were dismissed. As I stated previously, Eileen Silvey will be

proven innocent of all charges, and will remain to pick up the pieces of

her life.

Marian Allman

Crescent City

Editor's note: This letter arrived Monday night. The article, "28

Senior Center charges dropped: 18 counts remain against the former

program manager," was published Tuesday.

Can't count on Alexander, McClure after Silvey case

I have had to catch up on my newspaper reading, so this is a bit

late. However, after being updated with the Triplicate ("Scandal at the

Senior Center: Former manager jailed; suspected of embezzlement," Aug.

20), I have to say that I am fed up!

I'm not just saying this because Eileen Silvey is my friend, I would

stand up for anyone who has been trashed and convicted before they had

their day in court!

Shame on you, District Attorney Jon Alexander (I sadly voted for

you!) and you too, Martha McClure, not to mention this newspaper that I

will no longer subscribe to! I am ashamed of all of you.

Eileen deserves to be treated fairly. Regardless of all of these

claims, she did nothing wrong! Fingers should be pointed elsewhere, and

for the "powers that be," you know what I'm talking about! Is the

Triplicate that desperate for readers that you have to sensationalize a

story that could basically destroy an innocent woman?

As for Mr. Alexander and Ms. McClure, I will never count on either one of you to be fair!

Debby Benjamin

Crescent City

Beautiful to see supervisors and council work effectively

I was witness to a solar eclipse Tuesday evening at the Flynn Administrative Center.

There they were in all their resplendent beauty: The Crescent City

Council and the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, meeting to

discuss one item and one item only: Amending the joint powers agreement

that oversees the Del Norte County Solid Waste Authority.

And this group of our elected did not disappoint. The Council and

Supervisors voted unanimously to change the agreement whereby the entire

City Council and entire Board of Supervisors will now be the Del Norte

Solid Waste Authority Board, at least for the time being.

It was beautiful to see this group actually governing, rather than

delegating. There was no rancor, no politicians turning one's back and

walking out on constituents, no strident exchange.

And best yet, thanks to Supervisor Mike Sullivan's motion, seconded

by City Councilman Rich Enea, the $375 monthly stipends for serving on

the board are gone.

A beautiful, perfect eclipse; a 10-0 vote to pass the motion.

Next up, let's figure out how to lower the trash rates.

Great job, Council! Great job supervisors.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City