Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Occupy Wall Street is about capacity to reach full potential

The Occupy Wall Street movement's message is "hope."

These are people are trying to contribute additional constructive solutions to people's capability to freely realize their own potential. Participants are acting upon an intuitive sense as to what is needed in America (not just for a few, but for many).

These are patriotic people who feel that by creating awareness there will be hope for future results (a useful productive end) such as in areas of a peaceful direction to U.S. foreign policy, health care for all, decent housing and the ability to earn a living wage.

They know and understand who they are, "the 99 percent of us" who

feel the need to try to preserve their dreams. It is a movement which

focuses upon future progress and the realization of worthwhile goals.

It's an aim to encourage people not to give up on their fondest hopes.

It's about freedom to live without feeling victimized by corporate greed

or endless war.

Roger Galbraith

Crescent City

Shame on DA, Triplicate for ruining Silvey's reputation

Shame on the District Attorney's Office and the Triplicate for

grabbing headlines to ruin Eileen Silvey's reputation when it splashed

headlines announcing her arrest ("Scandal at the Senior Center: Former

manager jailed; suspected of embezzlement," Aug. 20).

Now, the DA dismisses more than half the charges! Sounds like the

case is weaker than claimed.

What your paper did not tell the public is that Martha McClure and

Sarah Samples, who sit on the Senior Center Board and were quoted in the

front page story of Silvey's arrest, are friends of Alexander.

Seems like there is a conflict of interest here to me and many of us

who live and work in Del Norte County. There is more to fighting crime

than making headlines and prejudicing people's right to a fair trial and

to be innocent until proven guilty!

Anthony Moak