Del Norte Triplicate Readers

If it had been anyone else, the police would have jailed Riese

The Nov. 1 article "Riese faces criminal complaint" by Anthony Skeens opens up a number of questions that were not answered in the article.

First, I believe District Attorney Jon Alexander did the right thing by turning this case over to the state Attorney General's Office. But I believe Mr. Alexander should be asking a number of questions of Chief Douglas Plack and of the Crescent City Police Department.

My first question: Why wasn't Mike Riese booked into County Jail on the evening of Aug. 22?

I believe that Chief Plack has been playing a game of "gotcha" with

Mike Riese for a number of years. Now it has come to the surface.

I believe my new city manager and my City Council need to review the

actions of my Police Department. If it was anybody else, he or she would

have been charged that night.

Mike may have a pain management problem. I hope he can solve that

himself, but the "gotcha" game is wrong.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Arcata, its mayor support Occupy protests but deny free speech

In our local media it was reported that in Arcata, even the mayor was

out in support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

This provokes me to point out that while many in Arcata support the

right of these "occupiers" to hold up their signs with any number of

statements and demands, if one of them dares to include a request for

donations on one of those signs, they will be in violation of that

city's anti-panhandling ordinance, over which I am currently suing the

city of Arcata in state court.

If we wish to support free speech for Tea Party members and Wall

Street "Occupiers" alike, we need also then tolerate free speech by


Richard Salzman