Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Perhaps homeowners should get more aggressive with burglars

Recently there has been a rash of burglaries in the Fort Dick, Hiouchi and Washington Park areas.

As usual, the suspects in these crimes cause a large amount of damage to the homeowner, steal their hard earned valuables, and invade their privacy, not to mention that the items are usually pawned for pennies on the dollar or traded for drugs.

I wonder how many of these crimes would occur if the front page of the Triplicate read, "Burglary suspects shot by homeowner while attempting burglary."

Rick Barry

Crescent City

Editor's note: Rick Barry is a California Highway Patrol officer.

Another great show put on by Lighthouse Repertory Theatre

What a wonderful Friday evening it was to see the return of the zany

antics of nuns in Lighthouse Repertory Theater's production of

"Nuncrackers" at the Crescent Elk Auditorium.

These were the same characters who were such a smash a few years ago when LRT presented "Nunsense."

I was again impressed with the depth of fine voices, especially in

the second act with several show-stopping numbers, and most especially

by the streetwise Brooklyn nun played by Mary Ann Hague. She could out

sing Ethel Merman. and did!

A great show!

Garretta Lamore

Crescent City

Does Sheriff Wilson support and defend state constitution, laws?

In California, sheriffs swear an oath to protect and defend the U.S.

constitution and the California constitution. So I'd like to know what

Del Norte Sheriff Dean Wilson thinks he was doing in Siskiyou County

recently at a meeting which encouraged citizens to oppose certain

government regulations, even, apparently, if that means breaking the

law. Were public funds spent on this trip? Was a taxpayer-owned vehicle

used to get there and back? Who bought the gas?

In Siskiyou County. Wilson spoke at a Defend Rural America conference

organized by the Siskiyou County Water Users Association and Scott

Valley Protect Our Water. These groups are involved in encouraging

citizens to break the law. Check out the Redding Record Searchlight's

recent article about the conference, "Siskiyou sheriff's life-and-death

rhetoric alarms tribes, environmental groups."

Does Wilson condone the actions of these organizations' leaders? It

is time for the Del Norte County sheriff to clarify where he stands;

does he or does he not support and defend California's constitution and

all California laws? Are there any California laws, Mr. Wilson, which

you do not support and defend?

At the Yreka rally Wilson apparently said nothing to deter dangerous

talk. Instead he attacked efforts by the U.S. Forest Service to deal

with a massive national forest road system for which it does not have

sufficient road maintenance funds.

Poorly maintained roads not only produce sediment that damages

fisheries they are also unsafe for use by citizens and rescue vehicles.

If Wilson wants all those roads to remain open maybe he should tell us

how he wants to pay for the needed road maintenance.

So, Mr. Wilson, how do you expect the Forest Service to maintain the

30,000 miles or so of dirt roads in Northwest California national

forests so that they can be there if you need to conduct a rescue?

Dean Wilson says he's dedicated to protecting Del Norte citizens from

the ravages of federal and state bureaucrats. So what's the story,

Dean, do we need to be protected from our neighbors who work for these

agencies or are you just demonizing them for political expediency?

I've heard Dean Wilson claim to be a direct communicator - one who

tells it like it is. So tell us, Mr. Sheriff: Do you or do you not

condone folks breaking state laws which apply to streams and fisheries?

Felice Pace


Boy Scouts did a fine job making the Myrtle Creek trail ship-shape

Kudos to Boy Scout Troop No. 10 of Crescent City. It members did a fine job of making Myrtle Creek Trail ship-shape.

My wife, Donna, dog, Tomodachi, and I went and checked it out recently.

We found no invasive weeds, or even poison oak. There was still no

litter. The interpretative signs, all 15 of them, looked like they had

just been fixed like new.

And what most impressed me was that the wooden foot crossings of the

gaps in the trail and small creeks had non-skid surfaces on them. This

is the first time I have seen, in this country, an effort made to do so.

In New Zealand they have been doing a similar thing for decades with

their wooden suspension foot bridges. There they use chicken wire mesh

stapled onto the wooden surfaces. This also makes the bridges stronger.

Myrtle Creek Trail is now a fine walk in the woods.

Ronald Thompson

Crescent City