Editor's note: CRDN Report will appear every four weeks.

Welcome to the inaugural column of the CRDN Report. This column will help let readers know what is going on at the College of The Redwoodsandndash;Del Norte campus.

Some of the goings-on at the campus affect the community as a whole, or community members can participate in some of the events.

Before I go any further I would like to take this time to introduce and tell you a little about myself and just what it is that I do at CRDN.

My name is Steven Bevier and first and foremost I am a full-time

student. I am also one of two Associated Students of College of the

Redwoods student senators who represent CRDN. The Student Senate

oversees all three major campuses, the main campus in Eureka and another

branch campus in Mendocino being the other two.

The ASCR is responsible for many things but among them is providing a

student voice on campus policies, facilitating student events, and

helping students become involved in and setting up student-run clubs.

I am also the current president of the CRDN Literary Club which seeks

to promote reading and writing among our fellow students and the

community as a whole. The Literary Club provides at least two

scholarships a year for creative writing as well as producing and

editing "The Kerf," which is a yearly magazine that has national


To pay for these the Literary Club has two used book sales per

semester which are open to students as well as the general public.

I am also an active member of the Associated Student Body (ASB) which is CRDN's own student government.

Now that I have introduced myself and told you a little about two of

the clubs on campus I would like to take time to introduce some of the

other clubs on campus and how they interact with the students and

sometimes the wider community.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is recognized internationally as the official

honor society for two-year colleges and maintains a chapter at CR Del

Norte. With a requirement of a 3.5 GPA, membership can sometimes be low,

but there are always members in the CRDN chapter.

PTK "promotes scholarship, leadership, fellowship and community

service" among its members. PTK's primary fundraising venture is through

sales of CR and CRDN logoed T-shirts and sweatshirts which are sold at

CRDN's library and can be purchased by all members of the community.

The Community Enrichment Club (CEC) was started in the summer of 2010

by students who had taken a sociology class from Prof. Philip Mancus

that focused on social problems in the United States. Some of the

students of the class felt the call to do something so they formed a

club to see what they could accomplish.

Since its inception the CEC has taken part in beach clean-ups, at one

time cleaned up the nature trail that runs along the rear of the

college, and has hosted several movie nights that are open to the public

for no charge. The movies are educational in purpose and have featured a

discussion period at the end of the showing. Refreshments are usually


The CEC is also working in conjunction with Del Norte High School to try to start a community garden at CRDN.

The Natural Resources Club (NRC) is getting restarted after being on

hiatus for a number of years and provides students with hands-on

experience in the natural resources area.

Well there you have it. These clubs are just part of what goes on at

CR Del Norte. Our students are proud to call Crescent City and Del Norte

County home and hope to foster more interaction between the campus and

the community that we reside in.

Reach Steven Bevier at