Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Targeting dispensaries wastes tax revenue, law enforcement

With regards to the Nov. 10 article "County may target pot dispensaries," doesn't the county have better things to do with its time and money than to go after the dispensaries that are helping people?

They need to do something about the crimes that are happening around town and I am sure they're not being committed by people that use the dispensaries but by people that are high on meth or taking illegal prescription drugs.

I am a user of the dispensaries and if it were not for them I would

not be able to get the medical marijuana that helps me live a productive

life. I am a normal, law-abiding 45-year-old mother that owns my own

home and I have never been in trouble with the law but I would not be

able to grow my own or to help grow in a community garden and I don't

want to break the law and buy it from some stranger on the street so I

need the dispensaries to get my medication.

The pharmaceutical companies make huge profits from the medication

that they sell and no one is trying to close them down and for the small

amount that I pay at the dispensaries I don't see those making billions

of dollars.

If the federal, state and local governments would stop and think of

the tax revenue that can be made from the dispensaries and all the money

that is spent on trying to close them down, not to mention all the

money that is spent when someone gets arrested for marijuana and the

cost to jail someone just for marijuana, you would think that they would

just make it legal and quite wasting all the time and money on the


The use of marijuana is not going to stop, as it has been around a

heck of a lot longer than we have been around and I am sure it will

still be around long after we are all gone.

Kim Gannon

Crescent City

Just asking: Where were rest of board, council during vet dinner?

What a great day it was, Friday. All the aces were lined up: 11/11/11.

H Street was lined with hundreds of Del Norte County's finest

citizens who honored America's veterans along the parade route. It was


The dinner was also a great success as U.S. Army Ranger Major Aadam

Trask (retired), of Crescent City delivered a speech about his

remarkable 27-year military career. His most profound statement:

"Patriotism is neither Republican nor Democrat: It is simply American."

My hat's off to Veterans Committee members John Ging, Tommy Sparrow,

Police Chief Doug Plack and Sparky Countess for putting on a great event

acknowledging those who have served. Thank you for allowing me to emcee

the dinner. It was an honor.

Del Norte High School sophomore Deleana Saylor sang The National

Anthem with all her beautiful heart. WWII vet Warren Barnts led the

Pledge of Allegiance, and Pastor Carol Layton of the United Methodist

Church of Crescent City delivered the invocation.

Mayor Charles Slert represented the City of Crescent City, Third

District Supervisor Mike Sullivan represented Del Norte County and Scott

Feller, district representative, proudly represented state Sen. Doug

LaMalfa and the state of California. As a supporter of the Del Norte Tea

Party Patriots, I was pleased to observe many Tea Party members in the

audience of some 200.

It was a great day and evening honoring Del Norte County's veterans.

Indeed, there was some competition for attendance at the Dinner.

"Nuncrackers" was starting at 7:30 p.m. at Crescent Elk, and the

play-off bound Warriors were down in McKinleyville whipping the


I do have one simple question to ask: Where was the rest of the City Council and Board of Supervisors?

Just asking.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Garcia's quick release from jail indicates a double standard

I am writing in reference to the Nov. 12 article, "Garcia released after 5 months."

I am truly disgusted with that. Any other person, other than a law

enforcement officer or other official, would have been sent to prison,

not county jail. Nor would they have been given the chance to be

released for "good behavior" in such a short time!

How on earth can our citizens feel good about our officials when they

obvioulsy get preferential treatment? Especially a law enforcement

officer - he, of all people, knew what he was doing was wrong, yet he

gets a break I find this appalling!

Where is the justice in that?

Teri V. Markanson

Crescent City

Officials' objections to medical marijuana require rebuttals

I am writing this as a quick rebuttal to the Nov. 10 article "County

may target pot dispensaries." It is interesting to hear the county

counsel openly mention that not one storefront patient association in

California seems to be legal because she talked to a few other county

lawyers who said so.

I wonder if they specialize in medical cannabis law? Or have they

worked with and helped set up any one of these locations to make sure

they are operating in a not-for-profit manner, which is what the state

attorney general has written in as guidelines for non-diversion?

Now the county counsel has also derived that a sick and/or disabled

patient must be forced to participate in garden labor in order to

receive their medicine? Quite a concept, and one that would not hold up

in a court of law.

She also seems under the assumption that everyone is making a profit

if patients are being reimbursed for their expenses and costs incurred

in growing the cannabis (and let's stop using the word pot, it doesn't


We will look forward to testifying before the county Board of

Supervisors on this matter as expert witnesses and consultants, along

with legal counsel and ex-law enforcement officials to present the facts

in a panel, and let you all see how it works and start to work toward a

safe and sane regulated ordinance that provides safe access to patients

and caregivers and their providers in Del Norte County.

This is an issue that affects the health, safety and welfare of many a

Del Norte County citizen. Thank goodness for the administrative process

mandated by law, and their oath of office they are sworn to uphold.

Its also interesting to hear Sheriff Dean Wilson comment that this

would somehow "clean up our community." Has he read the RAND study, done

by a right-wing think tank, that said that these facilities actually

make neighborhoods a better and safer place, with cameras, lighting and

good-neighbor policies that they usually employ?

I believe focusing on the meth in the community would clean up the

community, and should be the main concern, and maybe we should all start

to look at this huge issue with big-picture glasses on and come up with

a solution. Call your local supervisor and voice your concerns.

Michael McCauley

Crescent City