Del Norte Triplicate Readers

$19,800 is a lot of money for TV spot with dubious results

The Dec. 1 article, "In search of national exposure," opens up a question that many of us in the 99 percent movement would like to know the answer to.

How will Terry Bradshaw, Fox network, ESPN or CNN put any money in our pocket?

Maybe Bill Renfroe (executive director of the Tri-Agency Economic Development Authority) will tell me why the 1 percent here is not stepping up and reaching into their pockets to pay for the whole thing.

Why is the government spending my money for this? Maybe at budget

time, the 99 percent should be asking questions.

I have one question for Bill Renfroe: Would we get more for our money

by putting Del Norte County and Crescent City in the Sunset travel

directory? $19,800 is a lot of money.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Rep. Thompson: It has been an honor to serve North Coast

It has been the highest honor and truly a pleasure for me to have

been able to serve the North Coast for the past 20 years, first in the

state Senate, and for the last 13 years in Congress. My relationship

with the North Coast has been a high point of my public service career.

The people I've met and worked with in many cases have become my

friends. The issues important to North Coast residents are important to

me. I love the people who work and live there.

The Citizen Redistricting Commission redrew our congressional lines

this summer, and moved my home out of the North Coast district. The

voters gave the commission the authority to draw those lines, but no one

can lessen my love and compassion for the people I've worked with for

two decades or the issues they care about.

That's why I've met with most of the candidates hoping to be elected

the new member of Congress for the North Coast. They grilled me, and as

you can expect, I grilled them. After talking with the candidates and

many of my supporters who have met with them, I believe the person best

equipped to serve the North Coast is Jared Huffman.

While I am genuinely impressed with many of the candidates, Jared

stands out. Jared has a solid history of public service. He served on a

local water board and is currently the chairman of the state Assembly

Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife.He knows and cares about the

issues important to the North Coast and has developed the skills to

fight the good fight. I believe that Jared would hit the ground running

in Washington, D.C.

Only one candidate will go to Washington with the job of representing

a district that stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon

border. Given the many challenges we face as a district and a nation,

this will be a big job. I would consider Jared a great ally in Congress

and if I had a vote in the 2nd Congressional District, I would check his


Please take the time to learn about Jared and meet him and his

wonderful wife, Suasan, and their kids when they are in the area.

No one can tell you how to vote - that is your right - but I urge you

to consider joining me in support of Jared Huffman for Congress.

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson

Washington, D.C.