Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Smoking should be no more a gov't responsibility than obesity

In her Dec. 1 letter (Why are we looking to the government to battle obesity," Amanda Marx claims it is not the business of government to take care of us.

If it is not the business of the government to take care of us, then why do we see store clerks legally required to check IDs on cigarette sales, and why are extremely exorbitant taxes imposed on cigarettes?

Since obesity has become a greater threat to public health than

cigarettes, why are the same government measures not being used to fight

it? I suggest that all foods except the basic essentials be taxed at

an exorbitant rate, perhaps at so much per calorie?

Not only would very high taxes on unnecessary and fattening food and

drink items help to improve public health, but it would help to solve

the financial crisis facing our state and county.

Cigarette taxes in many states now account for a substantial part of

state revenues. Oregon is one state which has become totally dependent

on them. I don't have the figures for California, but I am sure

cigarette taxes here account for a substantial part of our own state


You better be nice to us smokers! We are supporting your state.

Isn't it time fat folks started paying, as the liberals like to say,

their fair share?

John Cupp

Crescent City

Outdated rack design makes newspaper theft all too easy

I agree with Mr. Fred Cox ("Newspaper thieves impact more than

Triplicate staff," Dec. 1). Stealing newspapers from machines is


I must say though, if my business was hemorrhaging, I would heed the

expression, "time to cut the losses." The newspaper industry is the only

vending business that relies on the honesty of the public. Have you

ever put 75 cents into a Coke machine and six or seven are just sitting


They do not rely on the good of man, nor should you. It is time to

acquire/develop a vending machine that delivers one paper per coin drop.

By the looks of most machines I see, a new design could be nicer on the

eyes also.

The initial costs might sting but it is your responsibility to

protect your assets. Maybe you could have a contest among your

readership to build a working prototype for a cash prize? Time to think

outside the box ... or paper rack as is.

John Andrew

Verdugo City, Calif.