Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Pledge argument used divisively

I am writing in response to Rodger Gitlin's Dec. 3 Coastal Voices piece, "Sticking up for the pledge," about the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr Gitlin refers to people opposed to the pledge's principles as "American-haters" and "whiners." Maybe some are.

But, as I am sure Rodger knows, this is really about a belief that God should stay out of our government. Less "America-hater," more "atheist."

There are nations in the Middle East that mandate patriotic exercise and faith in God, theocracies. I think perhaps our land and people deserve a bit of "love and loyalty;" love of country, on the other hand, can be conditional.

Maybe our interpretation of the law is patriotism. Anyway, there is

no threat to our school pledges. Similarly, Congress had to vote on the

motto "In God We Trust" recently. No, the motto was not under threat

either, but it beats solving problems.

Maybe next our leaders will debate whether the world is round, if

snakes are slimy or not, butter or margarine? It's all empty noise.

Satisfies half and saddens the other and now we are not just "America

haters," we are haters of each other.

Divisiveness, noise and no management, a great time to loot.

Robert Derego

Crescent City

Why excuses about burglaries?

Why are the sheriff and police making up excuses regarding all of

these thefts? I'm sure that a lot of people would like to know why some

of these house invasions and thefts have not been solved in this small


We need answers, Dean Wilson and Doug Plack. So what's really going

on here?

Tony Jacomeller

Crescent City

News racks should take $1 coins

As long as we are talking about updating newspaper racks ("Outdated

rack design makes newspaper theft all too easy" Dec. 6), let's also be

modifying them to accept dollar coins.

On Sundays, buying the San Francisco Chronicle means scrabbling

around the house to come up with 12 quarters or, lacking enough

quarters, diving into the sofa cushions for a handful of small change.

Just three dollar coins would do the trick. All of those shiny Susan

B's are just sitting in the bank gathering tarnish. Fix those racks!

Let's put the Susan B's to work!

Charles Minx

Crescent City