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Paying everyone's way fosters sense of entitlement

The Del Norte County Unified School District has greatly misinterpreted the No Child Left Behind Act law and applied it to areas where it has no business being involved. A friend of mine is a teacher here in the district, and has seen nothing but trouble in recent years thanks to our district's misapplication of the law.

She goes to a great deal of trouble every year to plan an annual weekend-long field trip for her class. Trips like that cost money, most of which either comes from fundraisers or the students themselves (and their families). It used to be that if a child didn't come up with the money for the trip, he or she didn't go. That's how it should be. It's a privilege to go on these trips, and they're not a graded part of the curriculum.

Children should have to earn their right to go on the trip by getting

the money from their parents or by participating in fundraisers. I

understand that there are some children whose parents may not be able to

afford to pay for these trips, but there is no reason that a child

cannot collect money through fundraising or asking for donations.

As is stands now, every child is "entitled" to go on the trip whether

they come up with the money or not. Either everybody goes, or nobody

does. If one kid raises $300 by fundraising or collecting donations,

it's split up among all of the kids regardless of whether the rest of

them did any work for it.

Some kids have caught onto this and realize that they get to go on

the trip regardless of whether they raised any money or not. Even some

parents take advantage of this and refrain from pushing their kids to

participate in fundraisers or ask for donations, knowing that in the end

they still won't have to pay a cent.

If this trend continues, it's only a matter of time until the field

trips stop altogether. It's simple math - you can't take a group of 30

on a trip that only five of them paid for.

We're turning into an entitlement society, and we're teaching our

kids that they can still get what they want without having to work for

it. Don't forget that today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Is this

the kind of world we want to live in?

Jason Chandler

Crescent City

Pleased with new format, columns at the newspaper

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your new format at the Del Norte Triplicate.

I like the editor's column. It seem to be more pertinent to today's

issues. I identified with the piece about wondering how technology has

seemed to have passed us elders up, and "where can I buy a CD player


I am growing old gracefully along with Inez Castor's sage advice in

the Gopher Gulch column. Her gardening adventures have helped me start a

raised bed organic garden in my front yard.

Yoga Bites is great, as is the new Artisan Cuisine. Who knew people

could make their own bacon? I actually attempted Michele Thomas' granola

recipe and it turned out to be very tasty.

The medical column is another of my favorites.

I have to mention that the Bargain Corner is a real help to the people in the community.

Keep up the good work!

Crystal Griffin

Crescent City