Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Saddened to hear our friend Charles Slert will be leaving

I love Del Norte County and its people. My many experiences over the years in this community have been gratifying. This place also drew my wife of 17 years here to do business in the mortgage business, providing loans to incoming correctional officers at Pelican Bay State Prison as it came online in the early 1990s. Missy, a Dallas girl, also loves this area.

We were both saddened recently to hear that our good friend Charles Slert was resigning from the Crescent City Council and may have to leave the area. Charles was a renowned architect from San Diego and his wife Patricia is a Fortuna girl. Missy and I attended their wedding at the River Lodge in Fortuna about eight or so years ago.

I first met Charles at a meeting at Mayor Herb Kolodner's home. I was

chairman of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors at the time and I

felt honored to be working with Herb on bringing our city and county

together on issues.

Charles was interested in our airport and knew that we were working

on a project for an extended runway and a new terminal. I was surprised

when he showed me a pamphlet that he produced that had several

depictions of a terminal design. He gave me copies for all of our


I knew that this person who I just met was certainly interested in

being a part of this community that he and Patricia grew to love. In

those years that followed he kept producing wonderful concepts for the

rancheria, harbor, city and county, but the economy of the area made it

difficult to make a living.

Several of us talked him into running for office. He lost to an

incumbent by 20 votes for a position on the Board of Supervisors. We

then urged him to run for City Council and he was successful in his

efforts. He just completed a year as mayor and in my estimation was one

of Crescent City's top mayors.

I hope that this community appreciates people like Charles and

Patricia who come into our community and become so positively involved.

Our friendships will continue regardless of where you reside. Thanks, my friends.

Chuck Blackburn

Big Flat

In giving spirit of holiday, think of community's kids

Part of the holiday season is giving, not receiving. What about the

children at the battered women shelter, the Our Daily Bread ministries,

the needy in your own church?

The children's didn't put themselves there. Maybe you have an extra

$10andndash;$20 that you could put in an envelope (or Christmas card) and mark

it "for the kids." Drop it off at the women's shelter, ministries or

your own church. Give the children a little holiday spirit. Now that's

what Christmas is about.

We're dropping ours off today, in hopes you'll drop yours off tomorrow. Thank you and now we can enjoy our Christmas.

What about the businesses in our community?

Rick and Debbie Hennesey

Crescent City

Some thoughts on Solomon, Walworth, Triplicate, Occupy

I don't blame Virginia Walworth ("Maybe we know more than Solomon

about 99 percent," Dec. 17) of the Republican Women Federated for

lashing out at the Occupy movement and Norman Solomon, who is running

for Congress as a Democrat. It's her job.

She blames Occupy for being taken over by "the anti-Semitics, the

anti-Americans, the drop-outs and the drug crowd." None of that is true.

She trashes the environmental movement and the unions, George Soros,

and the United States government. She suggests adding vocational

programs to the schools. I agree with that, at least, if taxes can be

raised to pay for it.

I also agree with her about Emily Jo Cureton's reporting. The Dec. 13

article," Occupy DN? It's not happening" did not include a quote from a

Republican, only, as the Triplicate pointed out, a quote from Tea Party

leader, Sheriff Dean Wilson. Does The Triplicate assume that the Tea

Party speaks for the Republicans?

I attended the meeting with Norman Solomon the week before last. Ms.

Cureton was there, but I don't recall seeing an article about Mr.

Solomon's views after that meeting. All I saw was the off-hand quote

that Ms. Cureton mentioned in her article that Ms. Walworth

reinterpreted and then saw fit to attack.

Mr. Solomon talked about a "New New Deal," closing corporate tax

loopholes and ending the disastrous Bush-era tax cuts for the very

wealthy to pay for a federal jobs program to rebuild infrastructure. Mr.

Solomon is not accepting corporate money for his campaign.

Maybe next time Mr. Solomon comes to Del Norte County, the

Triplicate will send a reporter and also have her write an article about

the candidate's views.

Barry Wendell

Crescent City

Sorry to hear about closing of generous Continental Bakery

So sorry to hear about the Continental Bakery closing! But so glad to hear they are still going to be cooking for our community!

April and Brandon Martin have been wonderful contributors to our community and all of the different fundraisers we have.

Carolyn Westbrook

Smith River