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Thompson's support for Huffman raises suspicion

Mike Thompson seems to be going all out for Jared Huffman in his race for the 2nd Congressional District.

Thompson not only announced his support of Huffman to the media but has now written a long letter in support.

Why? Why has he rounded up others to support Huffman, and why is he pushing so hard? It's not usual to see someone who is still in office do that. So what's in it for him?

Professional politicians are not likely to act in that manner without a quid pro quo in mind. Thompson is faced with running on new turf next year, more conservative turf than he's used to facing. Huffman is, by far, the most conservative Democrat running in the Congressional race. He is what I would call "Republican light." In these increasingly critical times, he has little to offer. But he could be a great help to Thompson in his upcoming race.

I'm tired of the "I'll scratch yours if you'll scratch mine"

political games.

This country is facing radical problems and we need radical answers,

not more professional politicians doing the same old things that got us

where we are. People are losing their homes. The growing number of poor

face cutbacks in medical care, one in five children are hungry,

education is cut to the bone, the jobless rate is horrific and the rich

are getting richer. We need a fighter with knowledgeable answers and the

guts to say it like it is.

Sylvia De Rooy


Generosity in hard times helps out Harrington House

Even though this holiday season may not be as prosperous as Christmas

in the past, Harrington House has received wonderful support from our

neighbors and friends.

We would like to thank our community members and organizations for

their continued support for families and children seeking safety from

domestic violence during the holiday season. The outpouring of donations

and holiday spirit in support of Harrington House is both inspiring and


Those of us who answer the door at Harrington House would like to

share the warmth and caring that we experience from people in our

community, everyday: The two wonderful "Harrington House Christmas

Angels" who have been providing Christmas dinner and breakfast for 15

years; the employees who passed a hat in support of domestic violence

victims during their monthly staff meetings throughout the year; the

community members who thoughtfully created beautiful handmade quilts and

washcloths for Harrington House residents; the father who brought

cookie dough to our door so families can decorate Christmas cookies; the

anonymous card left on our door with $20 that said "For the children";

as well as the many generous donations from faith-based groups,

individual families, and businesses.

This year, it would have been easy to say "We just can't contribute

this year." However, that has not been the case. Our community members

and neighbors are actually saying "We will find a way to help families

in need."

We are moved and inspired by the wonderful, thoughtful and

kindhearted donations that we receive. As the director and staff of

Harrington House, a program of Rural Human Services, we would like to

give our thanks back to our community, who has reached out in so many

thoughtful ways, both this season and throughout the year. Thank you.

Jodi Hoone


Rural Human Services' Harrington House