Triplicate Staff

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, some 40,000 new laws took effect across the 50 states Jan. 1.

California leads the nation is passing arguably the most absurd of these laws. The Assembly, State Senate and Gov. Jerry Brown defy comprehension.

Among the thousands of California laws passed in 2011, California leads the pack with its composite head in the toilet mentality. Here are a few of the inane laws which specifically address lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Californians. Disabled are also included in this group, though I am not sure why those who are physically challenged are lumped into a sexual classification.

Effective Jan. 1, there is new curricula in our schools. K-12

children will learn about all the positive accomplishments contributed

by lesbians, homosexuals, bisexual, transgender, and disabled

individuals in social science classes up and down the state.

Whatever happened to teaching the Revolutionary, Civil, and World

Wars I and II? I am very anxious to observe how the Del Norte Unified

School District will implement this new curriculum, when the board

reconvenes late in the month.

California's growing food stamp program will be renamed Cal-Fresh. I

am not certain if a new bureaucracy will be created adding to the list

of 571 California State agencies and commissions many of which are


Beer with added caffeine will be banded from California stores.

A minor who is 12 years of age will able to consent to medical care

related to a sexually transmitted disease. No parental consent and

knowledge required. Let's remove the parents from the picture. The state

will have ultimate jurisdiction over the child's sexual behavior. This

governmental overstepping is typical of the Legislature and

disrespectful to the parents who raise their children.

California continues to push the envelope and welcomes illegal

immigrants to the Golden State. Effective Jan. 1, unlicensed and

uninsured drivers who are snagged in city, county or CHP sobriety check

points will no longer have their vehicles impounded.

Last year, up and down the State, many illegally licensed drivers

who also happen to be illegal immigrants, lost their vehicles to

impound. Law enforcement will be prohibited from impounding vehicles of

drivers who operate vehicles without a license, if that is their only

offense. The double standard is alive and well in California.

While Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia will

implement the highly successful E-Verify program to ascertain one's

social security number to verify employment eligibility, California

bucks the tide, thumbs its nose at the law, and, effective Jan. 1,

prohibits private employers in the state from utilizing the E-Verify

system. This side stepping of the law impacts California workers who

follow the rules and is a major reason the state's unemployment rate is

the one of the highest in the nation, exceeding 12 percent.

Minors are not permitted to use tanning booths without parents'

permission. Interestingly, a minor as young as 12 in California can have

an abortion without knowledge or consent of the parent but the child

needs a note from the parent to use a tanning booth. Doesn't it make you

ponder who sits up at night and makes these laws? Do these lawmakers

have children?

I am curious to learn, especially from the left side of the aisle how progressives feel about these new laws.

In the meantime, California lawmakers and Gov. Brown are looking to

close yet another $2 billion gap in the budget by raising the sales tax

again to near 10 percent.

California is an amazing state. Amazingly stupid! It may indeed be too late to save her but I am going to keep trying.

Roger Gitlin is a Crescent City resident and a member of the Del Norte County Tea Party.