Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Daughter is excelling under Uncharted Shores' tutelage

I tried many public schools. None could reach my daughter the way Uncharted Shores Academy has.

My daughter is autistic. She came to USA with a unique set of challenges. Depending on the weather/mood, she can miss days of school. Yet USA has developed ways to keep her up on her studies: She never skipped a beat in her work.

I see children who lacked skill when arriving from public schools who now are mentoring to other smaller children.

It took some time and a lot of patience but the teachers have

unlocked her potential in ways public schools were never able to do.

It's simply amazing what my daughter has accomplished in the years she's

been there. The teachers' techniques have put her reading/writing

skills as such that she went on to win second place for her kite poem in

the Oregon Art Festival.

Although math is still challenging, the willingness to learn it and keep trying was never there in public school.

Her love of science was developed because USA steps outside the box of traditional learning.

History is an exciting list of timelines in her mind that USA

teachers help create to fit how her mind works, something public

teachers never understood nor had the time to discover.

Computers have become a tool in communication between her and the teachers.

USA addresses every child as an individual instead of a group. If I

was to put my daughter back in public school, she would be a child left


When I drop her off at USA, I feel my daughter is safe. When USA says no bullying that's exactly what it means.

I don't care what your test scores say, my daughter would never be

where she is in her education without Uncharted Shores Academy.

I am excited about what she will learn before she graduates from USA.

Albert Einstein knew this. He learned in ways others did not.

I think people need to leave the school alone. There are success stories coming from that school.

Summer Moore-Clawson

Crescent City

Gitlin seems to want to save the state from public health

Regarding the Jan. 3 Coastal Voices piece, "Too late to save Golden

State?"apparently Roger Gitlin believes teenagers should not be

protected from skin cancer, their venereal diseases should go untreated

unless parents are notified and they should have babies out of wedlock.

He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but I'm puzzled that he wants to "save" California. Save it from what? Public health?

As for SB 48, if gays shouldn't be mentioned in the schools, then

gays shouldn't be taxed to support the schools. No taxation without


Barry Wendell

Crescent City

Every line of Elias' column screams out 'smear' of GOP

Regarding the Jan. 3 California Focus column, "Actually, the stakes

are enormous," Thomas Elias certainly hit on all his beloved Democratic

Party points as he did his best to trash the Republicans. This, to an

electorate he believes too stupid to know what is really going on and an

electorate he hopes to fool once again in the manner his president

fooled the American people in 2008.

Lies are lies and there are still too many people who truly love this

country and this state to allow the "divide and conquer" tactic to


He fails to tell us why a Democratic-dominated state like California

can wield control year after year and lie in bed with the unions and

still sink this state into such massive debt. His president's policies

of gaining total control of this country and every action of its

citizens creates a stranglehold over all true growth and freedom.

Obama's policies are ones that have slipped into our lives over many

decades, under the radar, gradually infiltrating every aspect of life,

especially indoctrinating our children into an amoral society where

anything goes if you can get away with it and you don't have to work

hard to get ahead.

Where is that "shining city on a hill?" We called it "America, the

land of the free," where hard work was rewarded and generosity to the

less fortunate was freely given, where a person was able to debate the

issues and not be maligned.

He praises the "Take Back Wall Street" gangs as true patriots, when

in reality they are pawns of the Democratic machine, though many are

well-intentioned and do not realize this. He tears down the Tea Party

and call its members "extremists." God bless them for standing up with

dignity for what America has been to the whole world - the land of

opportunity and freedom to live one's life without undue interference

from the government. God bless the Tea Party for wisdom and courage.

Every line of his column screams out "smear." I hope someone with

facts at their fingertips will rebut your attack and set the record

straight. America is sick and tired of "divide and conquer," and I pray

we won't have to put up with it until we can vote this anti-American

regime out of office.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City