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As I write this, College of the Redwoods, Del Norte is in the middle of its winter break. Winter break this school year runs from Dec. 17 to Jan. 13, although the first day of on-campus classes isn't until Jan. 17. The staff didn't get quite that long of a break and the campus was open as of Jan. 3.

With classes not in session and students not on campus, the student-run clubs at CRDN don't usually have anything going on during this time other than perhaps some planning about what they are going to be doing next semester.

The first thing that has come to the forefront involves plans to

attend the annual "March In March" in the state Capitol. The "March In

March" is an annual gathering of students and supporters of the

community college system. Students and supporters from across California

gather at Raley Field in West Sacramento and then march down Capitol

Mall to the state Capitol building, where they will attend a rally.

In the state's current economic crisis, it is even more important

that the voice of community college students, most of whom are of voting

age, is heard. On March 5 the College of The Redwoods District,

including CRDN, will be sending a contingent of students to Sacramento

to join with the other 3,000andndash;5,000 students and supporters who routinely

participate in this event.

As Professor Phil Freneau of CRDN has pointed out many times to his

students, "the community college system is one of the best deals there

is in higher education."

We need to make sure that the governor and the state legislators

remember what a good deal it is when they are discussing budgets for the

next fiscal year.

With the New Year arriving a lot of students, just like a lot of

other people, are looking back over last year and also looking forward

to 2012. For students this means analyzing what they did wrong and what

they did right. Did they study enough? Did they balance the

responsibilities of school with their responsibilities to work and

family if applicable? What changes are needed to be made for the

upcoming semester, if any?

For many students the spring 2012 semester will be the last one at

CRDN. Some students, such as myself, will be finishing up the

requirements needed to obtain their associates degrees. Other students

will be finishing up the courses needed before they transfer to a

four-year college or university.

To help them figure out what classes are needed to accomplish these

goals, there are four wonderful counselors at CRDN who help guide them

along the right path. Professors and teachers get a lot of much-deserved

credit for a student's success, but the counselors help those students

choose those classes so if you'll bear with me I would like to thank

those counselors since they all too often get overlooked.

Becky Blatnick, Marla Ovick, Carol Mathews and Rory Johnson, I would

like to send my personal thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you

do, not only in helping us in choosing the right classes to fulfill our

dreams and aspirations, but for all the things you do on campus and in

the community.

Here's looking forward to a new semester and a new year. May CRDN and

Del Norte County have many successes over the upcoming year and find

even more ways for us to assist each other in achieving those successes.

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