Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Cutting back on Medicare why I won't vote for Obama

I've been a Democrat all my life and grew up hearing how the Democrats help the low- and middle-class people.

Obama believes he should have a second term since he's done so much for us. I have to agree, he's done too much from my point of view such as cutting back on our Medicare benefits, putting the squeeze on the House of Representatives to cut back more so now my monthly, secondary medical expense has gone up.

The cost of living has increased so badly that when I walk into my bank to purchase cashier's checks, I have to pay $5 for each check when they used to be free.

For those of us on Social Security, we've received a small increase

this year, but that doesn't cover my out-of-pocket medical expenses each


Alan Simpson, a senator from Wyoming and co-chair of Obama's Deficit

Commission, calls senior citizens "the greediest generation." I'm sure

that there's much more that our president has done to affect our economy

that I don't know about.

Obama wants a second term to see how much more he can do for us. I

get calls to repeal Obama's health care bill. What more does he have in

mind for us? I wonder what health care cuts he has proposed in his

government-paid health care? It's my personal opinion that he doesn't

need and shouldn't have a second chance, not with all the cuts he's


I helped put him in office, but I won't make that mistake again. I,

and millions of others, have paid into Medicare from day one and now he

and others have proposed to change the rules of the game again because

of mismanaged parts of the economy. I wonder if he plans to cut any

medical benefits for our representatives that our taxes pay for or any

cuts in their retirement pay?

Rita Moore

Crescent City

Wilson should make up his mind: be sheriff or politician

Regarding the Jan. 10 article, "Sheriff: It's a political position,"

Sheriff Wilson, make up your mind. You need to decide which career you

want to serve. Be a politician or the Del Norte sheriff!

Now you are promoting the idea that you are eligible to do both. I do

not share your belief. Most positions in public office, excepting of

course, politicians, are not allowed to do so due to legal, moral and

ethical restrictions to avoid conflict of interests. I guess you think

it is okay in the far northwest corner of California to do so. I do not!

You claim it is your responsibility to represent your constituents in

the political forum. I do not, and you do not represent my views if it

were even in the realm of possibilities of your job as sheriff.

This is one more public office where the holder, like some county

supervisors, promote his own political ideas and is no longer impartial.

You should spend more time being the sheriff than promoting (in

uniform or not) your political beliefs. Call the "Defend Rural America"

event what you want, but "if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck,

then it is a duck!"

This was obviously a Tea Party event in Yreka last fall.

Richard Wendt


Slow progress for bullet train, local veterans monument

In the movie, "Blue Thunder," a TV commentator says, "A sneak preview

of a Japanese bullet train soon to be seen in the Southland, maybe!"

That line made me laugh realizing that even then it had been

discussed so long it was becoming a joke. Now in 2012, it's still being

discussed while the price tag is $98 billion and rising. It's a joke!

But it does say a lot about our state and probably America, sadly.

To bring it home locally, I'm so discouraged with the apparent lack

of progress on the proposed Veteran's Memorial at the "S" curve. It's

been several years with zip progress. Maybe we can keep it from becoming

our bullet train. It represents a lot about our community.

Jim Snow

Crescent City