Del Norte Triplicate Readers

City Council needs people who, unlike Gitlin, are forward-looking

I was a bit surprised when I read the Jan. 14 Triplicate article, ""Seven apply for empty council seat," and saw that Roger Gitlin was one of the candidates applying for the vacant City Council seat. It was just recently when I read Gitlin's Jan. 7 Coastal Voices piece, "Too late to save Golden State," letting us know that he was not going to stop trying to save California.

At that time I wondered where a 65-year-old guy gets the energy and stamina to save this state all by himself. And I also wondered if one needed an ego as big as our coast redwoods to think he (or she) had all the answers or needed no help in accomplishing such an enormous task. Now I am wondering if Gitlin has rethought his previous announcement to save the state and has downsized to saving the city, or if he plans to do both.

Based on his previous Triplicate writings since arriving here 18

months ago, the candidate has repeatedly told us what is wrong with our

present-day liberal society and has expressed his yearning for the

mythical America of his youth, an America where, as I remember it, all

the ills of today also existed but were hidden, denied and ignored by

much of mainstream white society.

Personally, whether saving the state or Crescent City, my feeling is

we need people who are looking forward, not backward. We need optimists

and realists who understand the seriousness of our problems, yet know

in their hearts the way to a brighter future is for us to find a common

path today.

Please, don't get me wrong. I totally support Gitlin's active

involvement in local and state (and national affairs) and applaud his

strong sense of civic duty. But as a former teacher, I hope he believes

in the old saying: First, you learn; then you do.

Willie Gilbert


Wilson - stop politicking; start protecting, serving your voters

Regarding the Jan. 10 article, "Sheriff: It's a political position," shame on you, Dean Wilson.

When I need a politician I will vote for one.

When I am sick I will call a doctor.

If I need an attorney I'm sure the judge will appoint me one. When I need a sheriff I will call 911.

You were neither voted in, called on or appointed to be a politician.

Stop campaigning and start protecting and serving the people who voted you in to do just that.

Summer Moore-Clawson

Crescent City