Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Look at hidden costs before deciding against CC Airport

Regarding the cost of flying out of Crescent City, while it might seem to be more expensive to fly out of our little airport that is not necessarily true. I did a bit of research and determined it is actually more cost-effective to fly out of here.

The two other closest airports are in Arcata and Medford. Arcata is about a 90-minute drive and Medford is more than two hours. So there you have up to a five-hour round-trip. I don't know about you but my time is worth something.

Then there is parking. Medford charges about $7 a day and I believe Arcata does too. So if you go on a one-week vacation you will spend an additional $49 for parking along with the cost of gas for driving to these places.

If you drive to Medford to go to Sacramento you will save about $40

on a ticket, to San Francisco from Medford about $60. I also checked a

couple of flights to East Coast locations such as Baltimore and Atlanta.

There is, of course, some difference in cost of the flight. From $30 to

a high of about $150 difference.

But you also have to take into consideration if you fly out of either

Sacramento or San Francisco they are both at least an eight-hour drive

both ways. You will probably have to stay in a hotel for at least one

night and maybe another night on your return trip. Then there is

parking. Have you ever parked at San Francisco? Parking is at least $15 a

day unless you park far away from the airport.

All of the above mentioned prices are off of the Internet and easy to

confirm, and while there may be some differences because of what days

you choose, the costs are pretty consistant.

So while it looks like you might save a few dollars flying out of a

different airport in the long run that's not true. If for no other

reason than convenience it' better to fly out of little Crescent City

airport. You can park right in front of the building, the walk is less

than a minute, it's free, security is usually a breeze and you don't

have to drive for hours to get there.

These reasons alone should make you want to fly out of here rather

than any other airport. Plus you will be supporting the community.

William Clawson

Crescent City